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How does a laptop

Laptop motherboard

Notebook - a handy helper and companion of the modern man.

It is less portable than a smartphone or tablet, but it allows you to use the same operating system as that on desktop computers.

The design and location of the laptop components allowed to put them in a very limited amount.



Notebook Heart - motherboard. It is very different from that used in the desktop computer, but it is located the same components:. A processor, chipset, RAM, ROM BIOS, real-time clock with battery, etc. In most cases, the processor is located in the panels, as well as on the motherboard conventional computer . But the fan on it - a special design. It blows the radiator is not directly located on the processor, and a sealed hollow copper tube filled with a refrigerant. The other end of the tube is attached to a polished plate, pressed through a thermal grease or thermal pads to the processor. Branches of the tube leading to the same plates of different sizes, pressed to the chipset and the graphics card. This cooling system is very flat, as required in the laptop.


The video card - is also unusual. She is perpendicular to the motherboard, and parallel to it. Instead of slots used for its connection jacks. A connector for connecting an external monitor is not on the graphics card and the motherboard. RAM modules, access to which is provided a lid differ from those used in desktop computers, about half the length. They are called the SO-DIMM. Sometimes one of these modules is located underneath the keyboard, which in this case is easy to remove. The netbook can be a part of the memory is soldered to the motherboard.


Hard drive and DVD drive are located on the removableskid. Through the adapters are connected to the connectors on the motherboard. The design of these components is selected such that they consume a relatively small current and can easily fit in a laptop case. Little is selected and the voltage of the power. If the two voltages are fed (5 and 12) in both of the desktop unit, a laptop that - only one (5). The netbooks are used and solid-state drives, and sometimes non-removable. And if the laptop has failed the old type of hard disk that is not commercially available, the machine can be loaded from a USB drive.


The battery is connected to the motherboardboard through a connector with a significant section of contacts. The charge controller automatically starts and stops its charging laptop switches from external to internal power supply and vice versa. If your desktop computer integrated power supply generates the necessary voltage directly from the network, the laptop is a transformation takes place in two stages. External power supply generates a single voltage, component, depending on the type of computer, from 12 (netbooks) to 19 V. The rest of the required voltages are generated from the power supply or battery voltage transformers located on the motherboard. Fan power units do not have.


The keyboard and touchpad are connected to the motherboardboard trains. The keyboard controller is not present, it is located on the motherboard. The touchpad as it is, as in a conventional mouse. The screen is attached through a connector of the wiring thin wires placed in metallized fabric, laptop connected to a common wire. Built-in speakers, as well as the bar with the control buttons and LEDs connected to conventional wires or trails too. In the auxiliary slots placed miniature Bluetooth modules, WiFi, and sometimes - and GPS (GLONASS). To them through even more miniature coaxial connectors connected antenna. On each side of the motherboard are placed bred out jacks for connecting external devices, volume control, Bluetooth and WiFi switches.


Laptop Components are fragile becauseminiaturization. It is enough to look at them to see why a laptop computer requires careful handling. But if any of these components fails, it is not necessary to grieve. Change them although more complicated than in a desktop computer, but also possible.

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