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How does the state registration office of cadastre

How does the State Registration Service of Cadastre

FURZKK or Federal Registration Officeand uniform accounting of land, cadastre and cartography related to the municipal government agency, with responsibilities for accounting of all land, carrying out surveying, cadastral registration documents, assigning a single number, which is made in the Unified State Register.

First of all at the service of the statecadastre registration function entrusted to conduct surveying, determining land boundaries. Based on a technical work executed technical documents, which are the basis for registration of the cadastral passport, plan, assigning a single parcel of land cadastral number and entering all the information in the Unified State Register on accounting of land, cadastre and cartography.

Any change in the purpose permittedtype of use, increase, decrease land, acquisition, separation, transfer of land-borders should be recorded in the inventory of state registration service with the introduction of changes in a single register. The basis for any change is the decision of the territorial municipality and the newly appointed technical document after the re-surveying of land.

The Federal Office of single sign-on andintegration of land, cadastre and cartography provides an extract from the cadastral passport and copies of cadastral plan for registration of property rights in the Federal Office of the unified state center for the registration of transactions with real estate. Directly cadastral documents are stored in the state registration of the inventory. The owner or the owner of the land on the hands is only the technical documents and technical plan.

In addition, the cadastral office prepares and issuescertificate of the cadastral value of land plots, which are necessary for the calculation of annual taxes, with the transfer of land as collateral, probate, with any disputes and the section of land in the courts. Cadastral value is reviewed and adjusted annually to reflect the market price of land and other changes in the real estate market.

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