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How does gps navigator

How does gps navigator

GPS-navigation Today is a very common technique.

It is used in car navigation for smartphones and other portable devices.

The principle of this technology is quite simple, but it requires appropriate infrastructure and services.

You will need

  • - GPS-receiver.



Like many other GPS-navigation technologyIt was developed for military purposes, and only then began to take root in everyday life. The operation of this system is provided by 50 satellites located in Earth orbit, the first of which was launched in 1978. 30 of the 50 satellites are active and operate continuously. For the smooth operation of the GPS satellites it should be updated every 10 years.


Each GPS satellite orbits the earth system twiceper day, sending on its surface a low power radio. GPS-device detects this signal and measures the time during which the signal came from the satellite to the receiver.


The orbits of the satellites are arranged so that at anytime, the receiver may receive a signal from them. However, for accurate positioning of the receiver must be within range of at least three of them. It is necessary to determine the latitude and longitude on the earth's surface. To obtain information about the height, on which the receiver signal is needed from the 4th satellite. Information obtained from satellites in the future compared with the map available at the GPS-receiver.


Thus, the satellites and the receiver, enabledetermine precisely the coordinates in the space. mapping database used to understand the actual location, and ask that the names of settlements, roads, etc. The creation of such maps by specialized companies, their quality depends on the accuracy of GPS-receivers. There are many opinions about what companies whose cards are of higher quality, but in fact it is a matter of personal preference, because They all provide a fairly accurate positioning.


For more clear signals from satellitesit is necessary that the receiver is located in an open area in the open air. Using a weak signal causes that interfere with its passage may be very small, such as high-rise building, a mountain, a thick tree, even being in an enclosed space can degrade the signal.

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