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How it works


How E-Mobile Works</a>

Once the car was a luxury, accessible only to rich and noble people.

Now at least one car is in every family, in all developed countries.

The concentration of exhausts becomes critical, this prompts mankind to invent more environmentally friendly technologies.

In Russia, the most famous "clean" car - E-mobile.

E-mobile began its history around 2010Year, when it was announced. Updates and changes will continue until 2013, when, he finally goes on sale. The cost at the start of sales will vary from 450 to 490 thousand rubles, depending on the configuration.

A car is a hybrid that worksFrom two sources of energy: the first - a generator, rotated by a gas-petrol internal combustion engine, the second - a capacitive energy storage. Those. The car will be able to drive, both at the expense of ordinary gasoline, and at the expense of future fuel - electric energy. The gasoline engine is not connected to the wheels and gearbox, but is only a source of electricity for the car, so the E-mobile even fueled with conventional gasoline basically still works on electric current.

The engine is a small rotaryEngine. The movement of the E-mobile is carried out by two electric motors, one for each of the axes of the car. The energy accumulator is not a simple battery, but a super-capacitor that achieves full charging in just 10 minutes and keeps the charge independent of external temperature and other weather factors. The source for charging is a rotary-blade engine.

The principle of work is the following: We sit in the car, turn on the rotary engine, which in turn feeds the electric motors through the generator, selects the direction of travel (forward or backward, choice with the lever) and the car rides. Everything is simple and independent of the weather, and electricity today is in any house.

Despite all the seemingly difficult, E-mobileIs much simpler than normal. The hybrid car consists of only 400 units, against more than 1500 blocks of a conventional car, which greatly facilitates the assembly and further service of the E-mobile.

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