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How does the blacklist Vkontakte

How does the blacklist Vkontakte

Social network VKontakte unites millions of users. The creators do not stand still and constantly develop it, coming up with new features.

One such useful options is blacklisted.

For many people, it is the site VKontaktealmost a second home. The creators of the social network provided an opportunity for people to share their photos, upload videos, to speak their minds and tell the news. And, of course, interact with friends in real time.
Blacklist VKontakte reminds blacklistin phone. When a person does not want someone to communicate, one click on the phone button, he sends the person to ignore. The essence of the black list VKontakte is the same: all unwanted users are sent to the banks.

Why a black list

All users are different. There are adequate educated people, there are those who definitely need to do something nasty or Naham. In order not to spoil the nerves, it was coined by the blacklist.
Once in the ignore list, one sees only the name andname and photograph of the user. All photos, videos, wall posts are closed to him. To leave comments, private messages, invite to the meeting, he also has no right. In the middle of the page ignores the human displayed the inscription "The user has restricted access to her page."
Black List - is a kind of protection from unwanted communication, spam and annoying users.

How to make a man in the black list

On the main menu on the left page, you mustSelect the line "My Settings". tab of the "black list" will appear on the page that opens. The line you need to enter a person's name, which you want to block, or a link to his page. You press "Add to blacklist" and you're done. Man can no longer bother you.
Adding people ignore list mayAdministrators groups and communities. Under the avatar group need to click "Manage the community." A window opens with the tab 'Blacklist'. Further actions are the same.
Use "Remove from blacklist" can unlock the user, and once again give him the opportunity to see and write.
If the black list have added you, yourselfget out of it will not work. Alternatively, you can make the second page and ask the person to unlock you. Or ask someone from mutual friends to write to him.
Find out which of the users you are inblack list, you can go to their page. Limited access means that you ignore. If a person in your friends there, when you try to add it, you see "You can not add this user as a friend."

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