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How to pass the Luscher test


How to pass the Luscher test</a>

Lusher's psychological test is a simple and quick way to determine the type of human personality, thanks to color preferences.

It allows you to measure a person's stress resistance, his psychophysiological state, communicative features and activity.

That's why they often spend it when hiring.



The test of Dr. Max Luscher is based on the provenBy the fact that the choice of color reflects the orientation of the subject to a certain activity. During the test, the person is asked to choose the most pleasing colors for him from the group. Once he chooses one color, the color group changes and everything is repeated again. This happens until, until the colors run out. After that, the test is repeated again with the same colors, but already located in a different order.


To pass this test with the necessaryThe result, you need to know what the proposed colors mean. It is believed that a mentally healthy person is the first to choose the colors of the traffic light. The red color in this test indicates the desire to become a leader, but also about some share of aggression. Yellow characterizes the ease of character, gaiety, friendliness. As a rule, it is put on the last place by those who like to work alone. Well, green says about stubbornness in character, persistence in achieving the goal, self-affirmation.


As for the remaining colors, blue, for example,Means the desire for peace, stability and protection, as well as clarity of thinking. A denial of it tells about the presence of inner experiences in the subject. Purple will tell you about oddities in behavior and irrationality. Black - about a propensity for depression, hidden fears and even hatred. Brown color symbolizes the presence of internal problems and complexes, and gray - disbelief in their strength, dissatisfaction, but at the same time, the desire to solve problems.


Colors must be set in such a way thatOn the first two positions were those of them who will tell about your clearly expressed qualities of character. On the following two positions it is better to place colors that symbolize the less important virtues of your personality. 6 and 7 positions will tell about indifference to certain actions, and the last 2 positions will show your rejection to one or another actions.

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