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How is Luscher test

How to pass the test Luscher

Psychological test Luscher - simple and quick way to determine the type of the human person, thanks to the color preferences.

It allows you to measure human stress, his psychophysiological state, especially communication and activity.

That is why it is often carried out at a job.



Dr Max Luscher test is based on the provenexperienced by the fact that the choice of colors reflect the subject focus on a specific activity. During the test person is asked to choose the most pleasant for him the colors presented in the group. Once he chooses one color, a color group is changing and everything is repeated again. This occurs until there are no more color. Thereafter, the test is repeated again with the same colors, but arranged in a different order.


To pass this test you needresult, it is necessary to know the meaning of the available colors. It is believed that a mentally healthy person first chooses the colors of traffic lights. The red color in the test, says the desire to become a leader, but also a certain amount of aggression. Yellow characterizes the ease of character, cheerfulness, friendliness. As a rule, it is put on the last place of those who likes to work alone. But Green says about stubbornness in the character, persistence in achieving goals, self-affirmation.


As for the other colors, blue, for example,It means the pursuit of peace, stability and protection, as well as clarity of thought. And it tells you about the denial of the presence of internal experience in the subject. Violet tells about the strange behavior and irrational. Black - the propensity to depression, hidden fears and even hatred. Brown symbolizes the presence of internal problems and complexes, and gray - frustrating, frustration, but at the same time striving to solve the problem.


Colors should be set so thatthe first two positions were the ones that will tell about your distinct qualities of character. The next two positions better to place the color symbolizing the less important advantages of your personality. 6 and 7 positions of indifference to talk about certain actions, and the last two positions show your rejection to those or other actions.

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