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How is the Grushin Festival

How is the Grushin Festival

Once again at the festival will be the famous mountain Grushinskiy guitar, and the feast of human togetherness, nature and songs will take tens of thousands of participants.

If you want to spend a few days in harmony with oneself and with the world, come in early July on the Volga.

In 2012, the festival will be held Grushinskiyfrom the fifth to eighth of July. Fyodorov's holiday destinations are the meadows in the Samara region, not far from Togliatti and picturesque green banks of the Volga River. This is the 39th festival. Holiday bard held annually in the very first weekend of July. For the first time to celebrate the Grushin Festival began in 1968.

Holiday got its name in honor of ValeryGrushin, who in the summer of 1967, at the river Ude in Siberia at the cost of his life to save drowning children. His friends decided to organize an annual festival in memory of the deceased, the idea was supported by many classmates Valery Grushin and other lovers of outdoor activities and songs with a guitar. The first gathering was held in the Zhiguli in stone bowl 29 September 1968.

Second Grushin Festival was held in theJuly, since the holiday period did not change. Every year the number of visitors increased, the most popular holiday bought in the late 1970s (attended by about 100 thousand people) and in the late 1990s (about 210 thousand visitors). Carrying charges bard interrupted in the 1980s, the authorities have canceled them. The festival was revived again in 1986.

On this feast are the participants not only fromRussia, but also foreigners. This festival was created for lovers of art music. Throughout the festival has several sites, scenes, on which competitions are held. Concerts are held not only by day but also at night. At night, participants of the festival are lit bonfires around which are grouped together old and new friends and acquaintances.

The venue of the festival occurs quicklythe whole city from a variety of tents, in which the participants at the festival, and will live. Each visitor will be enough space for their tents, with this, the organizers of the rally is not a problem. Participants are not required to take with you camping equipment, all you need is rented or sold. On the territory there visiting shops and cafes. Fresh artesian water brought in every day.

The festival will take place not onlybardic contests and sports games and competitions: volleyball, football, orienteering and more. For children is a special area. To get to the festival, you can with your car, this is organized parking, and public transport.

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