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How is the evaluation of a quarter

How to set marks for a quarter

At school teachers much more responsibilities and challenges than those of university teachers.

For example, if the student's knowledge are checked once every six months - in the exam, the student is evaluated on results for the quarter.



Set the evaluation as "arithmetic mean." You have to add up all the points obtained for schoolboy fourthAnd then divided by the number of terms. For example, a student assessment "5, 4, 5, 3, 2, 4, 5". Total value: (5 + 4 + 5 + 3 + 2 + 4 + 5) /7=4.0, ie exactly four. If the division you get a decimal, then round up its respectively up or down. Plus this method is that it allows children to control their own conscious evaluation, considering their own score. However, the exhibition thus the result of a quarter does not account for the complexity of the work, and five for the work at the blackboard is no worse than five for the final control, which is not quite objectively.


For primary school pupils is acceptableexposure assessment "for effort." At such a tender age total score plays a much greater role for the child than it might seem. Therefore, if any student throughout the semester homework thoroughly and well studied, but due to some reasons, "not held" to five, you can with a clear conscience to put it. This small "bonus" does not spoil the student, but rather points to a very important truth: "In order to get a good grade, to work and try."


Repelled by the results of the final work. This technique is very true to apply to students in grades 10-11, as the most adult and conscious, and, in addition, preparing for university entrance. Some schools even officially introduced the concept of "Sessions" for high school students: on selected subjects entered the exam, which determines a quarter or half-year assessment. However, the teacher should not do "test" the sole and final criterion. For example, if the student were consistently five throughout the training period, but the exam has been put on the "4" on the assessment of the fourth You can think and change for the better, if the student deserves.

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