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How is the draw for the World Cup?

Draws under the auspices of FIFA

The hour X when the Russian team learns its opponents in the World Cup - 2014, who they can become?

And all pass the draw?

You will need

  • TV or a ticket to Brazil, the knowledge of the FIFA rankings, knowledge of geography.



The draw for the World Cup - 2014 will be held in Costa do Sauipe, Brazil. Practically already decided all future participants, and thus the formation of groups can be assumed today.


To begin with all teams who have got to the World Cup, divided4 baskets, based on the current FIFA rankings. At the moment, all the teams have already decided the first basket. They are: Brazil (as host country), Spain, Germany, Argentina, Colombia, Belgium, Uruguay, Switzerland. I confidently write Uruguay, despite the fact that South Americans have not yet officially secured their place at the World Cup. But after the first game on the road with the team of Jordan, which was won 0-5, everything is very clear. So these 8 teams are called "uterus", and they just will not play each other in the group stage.


In the second stage draw in addition to rankingIt takes into consideration the geographical principle. The organizers are trying to breed teams from the same region in the different groups. So first all divided into groups according to the ratings, and then depending on the "uterus" begins the draw of different glasses (glasses in the pre-decomposed beads called teams), to diversify as much as possible representation of countries in each group.
The result is 8 groups of 4 teams each.

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