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How is the commemoration of the proskomedia


How is the commemoration of the proskomedia</a>

In the Orthodox Church there are several different commemorations.

One of these is the commemoration of the living and deceased before the start of the Divine Liturgy service at the proskomedia.

Proskomidia is performed by a clergyman inAltar shortly before the beginning of the Divine Liturgy. During the proskomedia, the priest prepares the substance for the performance of the sacrament of the Eucharist, which consists in applying to the holy bread and wine the essence of the true Body and Blood of the Lord Jesus Christ.

The proskomedia often uses severalLarge prosphora (round specially cooked bread) and a few dozen small prosfores. The priest with special prayers removes particles from each large prosphora. The first prosphora is called the lamb, because it takes out a large piece of bread, which is then used during the Eucharist. From other prosphora, smaller particles are taken out in memory of the Mother of God, angels and saints. There is also a special large prosphora intended for taking out bread particles in memory of the living and the deceased. During the time when the priest takes a special copy of a particle from such a prosphora, people can commemorate.

Also on the proskomedia can be used andSmall prosphora, intended solely for commemoration of people. The priest takes out for each person a separate piece (sometimes the removal of particles from small prosphora can be performed on the eve of the liturgy for the evening service). All the removed particles are placed on the discos next to the removed lamb and the remaining particles from the large prosphorae.

At the end of the Liturgy (after the participle of the faithful)The priest immerses the removed particles in memory of the living and the deceased in the holy cup with the words that the Lord would wash away the sins of all those who were commemorated in the proskomedia by their blood.

Commemoration of the proskomedia is one of theThe most common remembrance in the Christian liturgical practice. Many believing people, coming to the temple, try to order the commemoration of the proskomedia of their relatives, neighbors and acquaintances.

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