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How is the commemoration at proskomedia

How is the commemoration at proskomedia

In the Orthodox Church there are several different commemorations.

One of those is the commemoration of the living and the dead before the worship of the Divine Liturgy at the proskomedia.

Proskomide committed priest inaltar shortly before the beginning of the Divine Liturgy. During proskomedia priest prepares matter for the sacrament of the Eucharist, which consists in the application to the holy bread and wine of the true essence of the Body and Blood of the Lord Jesus Christ.

On proskomedia often used severallarge prosphoras (all specially cooked bread) and a few dozen small prosphoras. The priest takes a special prayers from each prosphora large particles. The first is called agnichnoy unleavened bread, as it is removed from a large particle of bread, and then used during the Eucharist. Among other prosphoras taken out particles smaller in size in the memory of the Mother of God, angels and saints. There are special large unleavened bread, designed for removing particles of bread in remembrance of the living and the dead. During that, the priest takes out a particle special spear of this communion bread can be a commemoration of people.

Also proskomedia may be usedsmall communion bread, designed exclusively for the commemoration of people. Priest takes out of each person's individual piece (sometimes taking out small particles of communion bread can be made on the eve of the liturgy for the evening service). All the removed particles are placed on the paten laid out beside the lamb and other particles from the larger communion bread.

At the end of the liturgy (after communion of believers)the priest dips the removed particles in memory of the living and the dead in the holy chalice with the words of the Lord to His Blood washed the sins of all those commemorated on proskomedia people.

Commemoration at proskomedia is one of thethe most common of remembrance in the Christian liturgical practice. Many religious people coming to the church, trying to be sure to order a commemoration at proskomedia their relatives, neighbors and acquaintances.

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