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How is the chord gm

How to put a chord gm

Chords in tsifrovkah usually written in Latin letters.

There are also Russian designation, but much less frequently. As a chord designated by a particular letter of the alphabet?

With this question most frequently encountered guitarists. At the same time the same sounds can be on different strings and various odds.

Accord, which is written lowercase letters g, can be taken in different positions.

You will need

  • - Determinant akkordov-
  • - Tablature.



Remember what sound denoted by the letter g or G. The scale begins with the notes A, called A, or as in Latin. Accordingly, g - is a salt. That is, the chord designated as G or g, is a G major chord, a G minor. Established tradition in capital letters denote major and lowercase - Minor.


Remember, what sounds go into both chord. The salt-major it will be the salt, clean B and D. The eponymous minor instead of pure B is taken in B flat. These chords, as in all others, there is treatment. They may be indicated in figures 6 and 46 lower indices after the letters, but this is not always the case. Quite often is just an icon g or G, and in which he will address - decides musician.


The most common salt-minor chordtaken on the third fret. The fourth and fifth strings remain open. The first, second and third can hold small or medium-barre, ring or little finger. The index finger grips the sixth string on the same fret.


You can apply and large barre. Clamp all the strings with the index finger. The fourth and fifth hold on the fifth fret. If you take a large barre is still difficult, limit low. Pinch the three first strings in the same place, but average or index - the fourth on the fifth fret.


In third position is possible another optionchord. Positions are determined by the most extreme on the left side of tune, is involved in a chord. Clamp the index finger all the strings. Pinky hold the first fret on the sixth, and the middle and ring - the fourth and fifth in the fifth.


There are several options for the fifth position. Many put barre barre on the fifth fret. The remaining fingers are clamped in the first case the first, second and third string. Okay, respectively, sixth, seventh and eighth. The second way - it's a small barre, thin fingers the strings are placed in the same order.


Sol-minor chord in the tenth position, take as follows. Put barre on the tenth fret on the second string, hold the eleventh and the twelfth - the third and fourth.

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