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How is the Sabantuy

How is the Sabantuy

Sabantuy - a national Muslim holiday of Bashkir and Tatar people. Known holiday not only in Russia but also far beyond its borders.

During its long history Sabantuy gained a huge following, so it can safely be called national.



The word "drinking bout" is translated from the Turkic languageas the "holiday of a plow", carried out before the haymaking festival, after the completion of planting. In different cities and villages in different time Sabantui celebration, times may vary from the end of May and the end of June. It sabantuy praise the work of farmer and nature. Holiday turns very funny and can last from three to five days. It starts early in the morning, at which time the children together with adults go to neighboring houses, collect candy and colored eggs.


After that, in the main square are arrangedinteresting fun and games with the collected eggs. While fun women prepare extraordinary porridge, which is called "the whole world". The common pot put foods that are brought to Sabantuy with a residents of neighborhoods. Among the most common pastimes note: jumping in sacks, fight bags on a log, pulling water on yokes, long jump, catching mouth of the pelvis with milk coins zalezanie for the slippery pole towel, waxed oil and breaking pots blindfolded eyes.


All of these games - it's justentertainment. The most important activities at the Sabantuy considered horse races, national wrestling kuresh. Men in the fight shoulder to abut the shoulder and towels wrapped around each other, trying to win over the opponent. Fighters need a lot of tricks, agility and strength, there is a fight by strict rules. During the conduct of the competition watch the most experienced and Distinguished elders, elders, and then they award the victory to the strongest party. The winner, or otherwise Batyr receives a gift that only slaughtered at Sabantuy fat sheep.


On receiving the prize winner on their shouldersmakes a victory lap, then his swing over the Maidan. After leaving the entire Maidan Batyr diverges. The cart with the hero leaves the village street, ringing bells, general rejoicing begins. The winner was all smiles and waving their hands, because it is now the most famous man in the whole district (until next year). All participants go home with the guests, to celebrate Sabantuy for the holiday table.

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