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How is Christmas

How is Christmas

Orthodox Christmas celebration will take place in the night of 6 on 7 January.

Catholic and Protestant Christmas falls on December 25th.

On this day the Christian people celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, son of God.

About how there is the celebration of an important event, not everyone knows.



Christmas Holiday Christian waiting for the whole year andcarefully prepared for him. The house is cleaned before the holiday, swept debris is dry cleaning, getting rid of unnecessary things. Prepared a festive meal, dress up room in the house and tree. Until the appearance of the first star in the sky at Christmas, Advent continues vegetarian.


The day before the holiday is called Christmas Eve. During his trapeznichayut Christians abstained. And only in the evening allowed to vegetable dishes and fish porridge, baked or made for a couple. The main dish on the table Christmas Eve and sochivo kutia - porridge of grains, steamed water.


so rich stares On Christmas itselfdifferent Christmas dishes: baked duck or goose in apples, pies, cakes with cream, macerated fruit, fresh herbs and vegetable salads.


To preserve the health of the entire next year,celebrating placed under the tablecloth on the Christmas table bundles of straw in the memory of the manger in which Jesus Christ was born. And under the table need to put a big iron box, to which all present will touch your feet to allow yourself health and strength. Hardware for centuries in Russia was considered a symbol of strength and strength of spirit. After a celebratory dinner guests congratulate each other and give as gifts gifts.


At Christmas, a group of young people walking singsChristmas carols under the windows and doors of houses. Kolyada dress in a special way, are decorated with his own hands for a holiday bag. The bag in gratitude for the carols sung by calling success and prosperity to the house, the owners put cakes, candies.


Throughout the Christmas week, which begins immediatelyafter Christmas, celebrating the walk, amuse, play folk games, and ride with the snow-capped mountains, hold contests and fairs, play performances.


The Church encourages his parishioners to stickbefore Christmas strict fasting. On the eve of the holiday, it is desirable to visit the Christmas liturgy, to pray for his health and loved ones. Church ministers asked in his sermons, addressed to the faithful, during Christmas time try not to abuse alcohol, fatty foods, smoking, backbiting.

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