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How is an atypical form of chickenpox

How is an atypical form of chickenpox

According to the clinical manifestations of chicken pox can be divided into typical and atypical.

Depending on the nature of the flow atypical chickenpox divided into different forms.

Symptoms of SARS chickenpox

To know the main differences between atypical chickenpoxworth considering as normal flows typical chickenpox. Mild chickenpox occurs on a background of low grade temperature, the number of small lesions, intoxication symptoms are completely absent.

Timely treatment of atypical chickenpox - a guarantee of a successful cure.

Typical moderately severe chickenpox occurs against the backdrop of a high temperature. The skin is covered with abundant rash, the patient concerned about the general weakness, headache, intoxication.
Severe typical chickenpox occurs against the backdrop of severe intoxication, high temperature. There may be seizures and blurred vision, ataxia. Very high risk of septic complications.
Rudimentary atypical chicken pox - diseasein which symptoms are absent or mild. Many patients with this form of chickenpox consider themselves absolutely healthy and mild illness attributed to a small cold. Usually rudimentary atypical chickenpox is diagnosed in children and those receiving high doses of immunoglobulin.
Gangrenosum atypical form of chickenpox differsinfectious and inflammatory processes in soft tissues. Viral vesicles fuse, nagnivayut, skin tissues are melted and deadening. The treatment of this form of chickenpox is carried out in a hospital.
Haemorrhagic form of atypical vascular lesions of chickenpox is different. The virus affects the entire body, which often ends in death.
Generalized form of atypical chickenpoxIt causes multiple organ failure. All the internal organs are affected and cease to function normally. In adults, this windmill appears on the background of a general weakening of immunity, such as after chemotherapy.

No matter what form of chickenpox ill your child or you, the doctor must be sure to inspect and prescribe appropriate treatment.

What to do when the first symptoms of chickenpox

Chickenpox - a contagious infectious disease. At the first signs of a typical or atypical chickenpox stay home and call your doctor. If the body temperature rose to highs, there are signs of severe intoxication, weakness, do not wait for the arrival of a doctor from the clinic, call an emergency room, you will be taken to the infectious department of the hospital and begin intensive therapy.

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