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How interesting to spend summer in the city


How interesting to spend summer in the city</a>

If suddenly for some reason you are forced toTo spend the long-awaited summer in the stone jungle of a metropolis - do not be discouraged. It is better to look around and try to paint your city summer so that all the departed envied.

Believe me, this is easy!



Summer is the best time for you to alwaysShelved. Sign up for a school of Argentine tango or salsa. Let this summer pass to the sounds of hot latin! Dancing lessons will not only give you vivid emotions, but will also teach you how to hold your back properly, allowing you to be more flexible and flexible.


Buy a bicycle and regularly arrange a bike trip along the alleys of the nearest city park. A lot of positive emotions, burning unnecessary calories and getting to know interesting people you are provided.


If you have a balcony, add it to yourThe interior is a little summer color. Get a chaise longue and often arrange a reclining on it with your favorite cocktail in addition. The composition with the sounds of the sea and the sounds of seagulls in the headphones will be a pleasant addition to this rest. Close your eyes, turn on the music - and mentally you are not at the center of the stuffy city, ... and somewhere on the beach of Malibu!


If the mountain does not go to Mohammed, then Mohammed goes toGrief. Arrange a summer party in a beach style in your apartment. All invited to her, warn about the dress code: the entrance is only in typical beach clothes. You can make it a rule to arrange such parties every Friday. Believe me, this summer will be remembered for a long time!


Organize a weekly bowling tournament with your friends. You will have a great time in your summer leisure and at the same time tone your muscles.


If there is a river in your city, it's a sin not to go on one nice summer day to the water promenade on the boat. And it is better to do it in the company of true friends.


Arrange yourself a real holiday of childhood: Ride on the attractions in the nearest park, find yourself popcorn and sweet cotton wool, look into the water park. If there are green lawns in the city park, do not deny yourself the pleasure of lying on the grass.

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