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How interesting to spend the summer in the city

How interesting to spend the summer in the city

If suddenly due to some reason, you have tohold a long-awaited summer in the concrete jungle metropolis - do not lose heart. Better take a look around and try to paint their town summer so that everyone who left envied.

Believe me, it is hard to do!



Summer - the best time for you alwayspigeonhole. Enroll in school Argentine tango or salsa. Let this summer will be held under the sounds of hot Latina! Dance classes not only give you vivid emotions, but also teach how to hold back and let be a malleable and flexible.


Buy a bike and start a regular bike ride along the paths of the nearest city park. Mass of positive emotions, burning unwanted calories and getting to know interesting people you provided.


If you have a balcony, add itInterior a little summer color. Get a sun lounger and often arrange lying down on it with your favorite cocktail in the bargain. The composition with the sounds of the surf and the cries of seagulls in the headphones would be a nice addition to this holiday. Close your eyes, turn on the music - and mentally you have not stuffy in the heart of the city, ... but somewhere on the beach of Malibu!


If the mountain will not come to Mohammed, then Mohammed goes tomountain. Arrange a summer party in the beach-style in his apartment. All invitees to warn her about the dress code: the entrance - just a typical beach clothes. You can take it a rule to arrange such a party every Friday. Believe me, this summer you will be remembered for a long time!


Arrange with your friends weekly bowling tournament. You would spend their summer leisure time and at the same time introduce in the tone of their muscles.


If your city is a river, a sin not to go to a nice summer day on the water promenade on the boat. And it's better to do it in the company of true friends.


Arrange a true celebration of childhood: ride the rides in the nearby park, naeshtes popcorn and cotton candy, look at the water park. If in a city park has green lawns, do not deny yourself the pleasure to lie on the grass.

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