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How interesting to organize a change in school

How interesting to organize a change in school

At recess the children need to rest, but do not interfere with each other, not to fight, not to spoil the school property and not to commit other offenses.

The problem of staff - to make this short stay as productive and at the same time interesting for children and contributing to greater discipline.



Offers children various options forchange. One school children want to run and stretch their legs, while others prefer to talk with classmates, and others use the holiday time to do their own thing alone - to draw, to read. It is important that all the children had a chance to recuperate before the next class exactly as they like.


Organize school radio: let the breaks kids can learn about the important news from the life of the institution, as well as listen to funny stories and relaxing music. Material must be submitted interesting and easy, otherwise the kids just do not want to listen to it. Well, if the radio is working in the classroom, not in the lobby: in this case, those students who do not want to hear another transmission, can relax in the hallway.


Organize play area where children cancollect puzzles, play checkers and chess, draw. This will help them to quickly switch from school to rest, but at the same time to carry out the changes productively. If possible, it should build a place for board games and creativity in a separate room, but if the audience is not available, you can find a place in the foyer.


Apply for a winter garden, where children will be interesting andproductively spend time at recess. Plant beautiful flowers, put an aquarium with fish. Well, if the room will also be live small animals or birds, for which children will be able to take care of. Students who need peace and quiet, perfectly able to restore power in such a room.


Have the children moving, but not traumaticgames. At recess mobile students can run up the stairs, leaning out the window, push each other, and even fight, and this can lead to very unpleasant consequences. Direct the energy of children in a different direction, that they will be able to leave the ball in the basket, table tennis, jump rope. It is desirable that one of the teachers took care of them. In the primary grades is appropriate to carry out interesting fizkultminutki and short competition.

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