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How the system and organization are interrelated


How does the system differ from the organization</a>

Many entrepreneurs are mistaken when they say that the system and the organization are one and the same. Of course, these two concepts have much in common, however, their synonymous use is unacceptable.

Consider the common features of the organization and the system.

System - a concept that is constantly used in science and business. It is any set of interconnected elements that function together.

Organization Is also a unity of elements, constantlyInteracting with each other, but it has many branches, depending on the genus and the ultimate goal. This is a broader concept, which includes not only the state, but also the process.

Common signs of these categories are:

  • Properties of openness. The system is open if there is an exchange between the constituent elements and the external environment. This is the most common type of system. Organizations, as a rule, are always open. This is due to the fact that the process of regulation is possible only with the participation of external forces. The closed system is able to function without any influences.
  • System and organization can not be formedOnly naturally, but also artificially. The first type includes those that were formed in the course of natural processes. Artificial systems are created by man to achieve his own goals. The most popular goal of any organization is to make a profit.
  • Stochasticity and determinism. The behavior of interrelated elements is also a common feature of these categories. Deterministic are systems whose behavior is easy enough to predict. Stochastic, respectively, unpredictable. Their behavior is not subject to any laws.

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