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How to insure deposits in Sberbank

How to insure deposits in Sberbank

More and more active citizens have to deal with the banks for various purposes.

Some receive salaries, others take out loans, and others invest the accumulated savings.

The most popular banking product, in addition toloan, it is to contribute to the national and foreign currencies. Perhaps each potential investor in the soul afraid of recognition of the bank's bankruptcy, followed by revocation of the license. In such cases, doubts arise: what will happen to the money, and whether they go back? This caution leads to a careful selection of the bank, characterized by reliability and stability. One of these banks is the "Savings Bank".

Giving their savings in any bank is convinced of its reliability.

savings bank

"Savings Bank" - one of the largest and oldestRussian commercial banks. The bank has a very high level of reliability, thanks to multi-billion dollar assets. "Savings Bank" provides a wide range of banking services for individuals and legal entities, and leading the country in the number of issued loans, loans and borrowed funds with the help of contributions. The "Savings" are brokerage services, here you can also purchase securities, gold, silver and platinum coins. The Bank has the largest network of branches throughout Russia.

mandatory deposit insurance system

Since December 2003, the law required banksto participate in the deposit insurance system. Thus, cash on any deposit, credit, credit card, will be automatically guaranteed to be returned to a natural person.
It should be noted, there are several limitations,observing that, you can not panic in case of revocation of the license of the bank. Firstly, it is worth remembering that the insured amount in the range 700,000 rubles in a bank. That is, if you really want to invest a million rubles, it is better to carry the money to another bank. The second rule: It is important to remember exactly what banking products are insured. At the moment, regardless of nationality, to be returned:
- Term deposits, demand deposits, currency embeddable
- Current accounts used for payments by credit cards, to obtain the wages, pensions and scholarships.
Other banking products are not insured. For example, contributions to the bearer, the money transferred to a bank in asset management (applies to brokerage services), the funds for unallocated bullion accounts and other products.

Investment deposits are not insured, since all risks priori assumes contributor.

To come and get the money you can for 1-1.5 years until the process is carried out liquidation of the institution.
Therefore, in any additional insurancecontributions do not need. As already noted, most of Russian banking institutions insured by the state "Deposit Insurance Agency", which is a guarantee of absolute return funds to the depositor, together with accrued interest, on the basis of the actual term of dearest savings deposits.

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