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How to insulate wooden windows in the apartment

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If you decide to do insulation wooden window designs, there are several ways to help recover the heat in your home.

method one

In this way, thermal insulation of windows, like insulationpaper, even our grandfathers enjoyed. It is suitable for people who can not replace windows with plastic double-glazed windows and buy good insulation. In this case, the paper must be twisted together, moisten it and plug all the gaps that exist between the frame and the wall, as well as elements of the window frame. Of course, this insulation is not very aesthetically pleasing look, but you can hide the paper, pasted on top of the white paper strip or special construction adhesive tape. When spring comes, this insulation can be simply removed, but the paper picks the paint, and windows have to tint. Perhaps it is better not to spend money on paint, just use high quality insulation?

method two

In this embodiment, the slit shut up clotheslineropes, pieces of wool, foam rubber strips, pieces of wax. It is necessary to measure the width of the window well, examine the details of which should be warm, to cook the window tape and a soap solution, which need to lubricate the inside of the belt. tape spring can be removed, and the appearance of the window frame will not suffer.

The third way

Insulate the window, you can with the help of foam,PVC, rubber seals, are inserted into the window sash. To do this, initially you need to remove the sash, cut a groove in their circumference, put a heater in it, set the Dust seal and sealant to cover the place where the wall and the frame are connected.

A rubber seal is the most high-quality and long-lasting. He will save from any frost.

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