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How to insulate wooden windows in an apartment


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If you decide to take care of the insulation of wooden window constructions, there are several ways that will help to return heat to your home.

Method one

This way of warming windows, like insulationPaper, our grandfathers used. It is suitable for people who can not replace the windows with plastic double-glazed windows and buy a good insulation. In this case, the newspaper should be twisted, moistened and plugged with it all the cracks that exist between the frame and the wall, as well as the elements of the window frame. Of course, such warming does not look very aesthetically, but you can hide the newspaper by gluing on top of white strips of paper or special construction tape. When spring comes, such insulation can be simply removed, but the paper will break the paint, and the windows will have to be tinted. Perhaps, it is better not to spend money on paint, but simply to use a quality insulant?

Method of the second

In this version, the gaps are stuffed with laundryRopes, pieces of cotton wool, strips of foam rubber, pieces of paraffin. It is necessary to measure the width of the window well, to study the details that should be insulated, to prepare the window tape and soap solution, which you need to lubricate the inside of the tape. In the spring, the tape can be removed, and the appearance of the window frame will not be affected.

Way the third

Warming the windows can be with the help of foam rubber,Polyvinyl chloride, rubber gaskets, which are inserted into the window sashes. To do this, you first need to remove the doors, cut a groove along their perimeter, lay a heater in it, install an anti-dust seal and cover with sealant the place where the wall and frame join.

The rubber seal is the most qualitative and long-lasting. It will save you from any frost.

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