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HOW insulate the house from the outside

How to insulate the house from the outside

Every owner wants his house was not only comfortable, but also warm.

To do this, you must insulate the house from the outside andinside. Insulation of the house from the outside will allow to store heat in the building, and will also act as additional protection of the building, which will increase its service life.

With the right home insulation will be protected from the appearance of mold on the walls and the further destruction of new construction.



Currently, there are several optionsinsulation of walls on the outside of the building. The most simple and environmentally friendly insulation is considered with the help of plaster works. This method comprises several steps. First, apply a layer of polymeric adhesive, followed by a layer of insulation is then reinforced with fiberglass, which is applied to the polymeric adhesive layer. Once all layers exterior finish should be applied.


The following method - the so-called heavy plastering. They are carried by a movable mounting and insulation of a thick layer of cement mortar.


Also, the three-layer system is very common ina kolodtsevoy masonry. This method is inexpensive and not very complicated in implementation. This method is performed using a heater on the outer wall and brickwork. It should be noted that there are shortcomings in the system. Due to the insulation, condensation may form inside, which often leads to the rapid destruction of the walls of the house.

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