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How to insulate the floor in a wooden house


How to insulate the floor in a wooden house</a>

Comfort in our life plays a big role.

It is not enough to have a roof over your head,Under this roof it was warm and cozy. The heat in the house depends on the properties of the materials from which the walls, the floor, the roof are made, from the quality of the joints and from the heating system.

Properly insulated house allows you not only to enjoy the comfort, but also significantly reduces the cost of heating the house.

Begin warming the house you need from the floor.



A lot depends on the quality of the sex itself. It must be warm, dense, wear-resistant. A good quality wooden floor meets all these requirements. If you put a wooden deck or parquet floor in a wooden house, then between the wall and the floor you need to leave a gap of at least 1 cm, which is covered with a plinth. This is done in case of deformation of the tree.


In addition to the correct laying, the wood floor itselfMust be reliably insulated. If the floor covering is installed on the joists, then mineral wool boards can be used to insulate the floor, if the floor is put on a concrete screed, a strong and rigid heat-insulating material is needed.


If you are concerned about the issue ofWooden house in the process of construction, then arrange a double floor system. The first layer (rough) is made of uncut, but well-fitted to each other boards, they pour a layer of sand (it is possible and claydite), and this layer is restated with cardboard or paper. The top layer of the floor is made of neat, trimmed boards at a height of 3-4 cm from the rough one. This method will also provide ventilation of the floor, which will help to avoid the reproduction of the fungus.


Here is another way to warm the floor. First, remove the floor covering. On it lay a roofing felt. This is done so that the next layer of sand does not absorb moisture from the ground. Put a layer of sand on the ruberoid and level it. On the sand, lay several layers of film. The thicker the film, the better. To ensure that it does not move, attach it to the base of the floor with a construction stapler or small nails. The next layer of our heat-insulating puff cake? This is a penoplex. Penoplex has good characteristics, in addition to its thermal insulation properties, it perfectly absorbs sounds, non-combustible, environmentally friendly and chemically very inert. It is easy to lay it, it easily lies in all grooves, crevices. The last two layers are made of wood chipboard. On this floor insulation can be considered successfully completed.

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