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HOW insulate the floor in a wooden house

How to insulate the floor in a wooden house

Comfort in life plays an important role.

It is not enough to have a roof over your head, you need toIt was warm and cozy under this roof. The heat in the building depends on the properties of the materials making up the wall, floor, roof, and the quality of the joints of the heating system.

Properly insulated house can not only enjoy the comfort, but also significantly reduces the cost of heating homes.

Start house warming need from the floor.



The quality of the floor very much depends. It should be warm, dense, iznostostoykim. good quality wooden floor meets all these requirements. If you put a wooden deck or a parquet floor in a wooden house, between a wall and the floor should be left gap of at least 1 cm, which is closed plinth. This is done in case of tree deformation.


In addition to the correct folding himself wood floorIt must be properly insulated. If the floor covering is installed on joists, then to insulate the floor, you can use mineral wool, if the floor is placed on the concrete floor, it needs strong and rigid thermal insulation material.


If you are preoccupied by the question of insulation in the floorwooden house is still under construction, then arrange the double floor system. The first layer (roughing) spreading from uncouth, but the well-matched to each other boards, they poured a layer of sand (you can and expanded clay), and already this layer perestilayut cardboard or paper. Top floor layer made of hewn trim boards at a height of 3-4 cm from the rough. This method also provides a floor ventilation that will help to avoid fungal reproduction.


Here's another way of warming the floor. First, remove the floor covering. On it lay a roofing material. This is done so that the next layer of sand does not absorb moisture from the ground. On the roofing material, pour a layer of sand and smooth. In the sand bed for several layers of the film. The thicker the film, the better. Do not drive to it, attach it to the floor base using staple gun or small nails. The next layer of our insulating layer cake? it penoplex. Penoplex has good features, in addition to its thermal insulating properties, it is perfectly absorbs sound, non-flammable, environmentally friendly and chemically very inert. Stack it is easy, it is easy to bear all the slots, slots. The last two layers are made of chipboard. On this floor insulation can be considered successfully completed.

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