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HOW insulate panel house

How to insulate panel house

Many residents of panel houses suffer from the cold in the apartments, especially if flat or angle located in the northern part of the house.

Nowadays, even the state of heating in apartment buildings is poor.

The reasons for the weak heat preservation can be a gap in the panel joints, sagging tow in old windows, etc.

All possible ways to insulate the panel house depends on your desire, opportunity and patience.



Insulated panel house at the present time acceptedfoam. Outside insulation foam manufactured by specialists (industrial climbing), the cost of the insulation depends on the height and complexity of the work.

Before warming should check the sealing joints. If you do decide to insulate the outside of his apartment (1-2 floors), it is possible.


Make the sealing panel joints.
To do this:

- Clean the cavity of joints, dry and zagruntovat-

- Roll up into the seal, designed for insulation, it can be a porous pad of Nairit or poroizola-

- To re-clean the joint, blowing with compressed air, vysushivanie-

- Produce plaster mastics.


Clean the wall from possible coatings.


If you choose to use as a heaterfoam, choose 5 mm with a density of 35 or 10 mm with a density of 25. Using a spatula, apply glue (eg adhesive mixture Ceresit CT 83, may be different) with a thin layer.


Attach to the wall of the foam sheet and press down his circular movements. foam sheets should fit tightly to each other.


Secure the cover with the help of fasteners? umbrellas. Holes do through the foam with the help of punch with the restriction on the length of the fasteners.


Apply foam reinforcing mesh usingspecial glue. Grid cut a continuous piece. Apply 2-3 mm foam adhesive, push it in the net and smooth with a spatula. The surface should get absolutely flat.


After drying, the adhesive can be carried out further work, for example, apply a decorative plaster.


In addition to insulation walls themselves should pay attention to insulation of windows, state of radiator panels, roof condition. Slight cracks and holes reduce the room temperature.

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