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How to insulate ceilings in the house

How to insulate ceilings in the house

The ceiling of the house is the main protective shield that helps retain heat and maintain the desired temperature in the room.

It is for this reason that insulate ceilings in the house must be responsibly and use with the best materials and technology.

You will need

  • - Synthetic fiber
  • - waterproofing
  • - Construction scissors or knife
  • - Foam
  • - Styrofoam
  • - board
  • - nails



For warming home ceiling insulation is required - a synthetic fiber or mineral wool, you decide on the basis of financial capacity.


Do not just ignore the waterproofing material. It is better to buy a special waterproofing that protects from moisture accumulation and development processes of decay of materials and ceiling insulation.


Start warming need to layingwaterproofing material. Such material is usually sold in rolls, so it is necessary to cut out before laying. Cut the material on such pieces, which will be convenient to lay in the gaps between the ceiling beams, leaving an allowance of about five centimeters on each side.


After the waterproofing material is laid, it must be attached to the ceiling joists using rods.


On top of the waterproofing layer stacked sheetsfoam, pre-cut to the size of the space between the ceiling joists. Cut the foam should be given to the pieces included in mezhbalochnoe space? Tightly ?.


The laid foam sheets are fixed by filling the gaps with foam. Above the foam is laid another layer of waterproofing.


In the above manner the preparedceiling surface immediately begin to lay insulated material. It happens in rolls or in sheets. The gaps between the sheets of insulation is necessary to leave a minimum, and avoid them entirely possible.


To qualitatively insulate the ceiling of the house, insulated layer must coincide with the upper edge of the ceiling beams.


Above the insulation board is laid. If the attic would be a functional location, the thickness of the boards should be greater than 30 mm. Boards lay across the ceiling beams and attach them with nails.

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