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HOW impose a brick house

How to impose a brick house

Many, build a house, draped him with a brick. This allows you to make the house warmer and makes it look more respectable.

Facing brick increases the ability to home to keep warm in a few times.

Make it easy, but you should strictly adhere to certain rules.



Before we impose a brick house, it should besheathe heater. To this end generally use sheet material, such as mineral insulation? Rockwell. A more economical option is considered to be filling with expanded clay. Do not use roofing felt. Its use can lead to undesirable consequences. If obkladyvaetsya brick wooden house, then it is treated with antifungal agent. Treatment is carried out twice, the second time? in one day.


For brickwork must be filled with a full basement, a width of 25-30 centimeters. Blind area for this purpose will not do, because they do not bear the weight of a brick wall.


Ready foundation insulate double or triple strip of roofing material. Make sure that the strip is performed at 5-7 centimeters beyond the masonry on both sides.


Then install the insulation. It is better to install two rows, while the second row overlaps the first row joints.


Now proceed to the manufacture of the cap. The plinth is made of brick. The first row of bricks stacked? Dry, given the openings.


Before we impose a brick house, choose the type ofbricks and calculate the amount based on the rate of 50 pieces per meter. Use is usually a simple one and a half or sand-lime brick. You can oblitsevat house special clay facing bricks. Quality brick can be distinguished by uniform color and ringing sound when struck. Color clay brick quality is not affected. Select bricks without damage or chipping.


The clutch produce the usual way. To take the solution one part cement and four parts sand. The amount of water is selected by experience, as long as the solution is flowed. The clutch must be protected from precipitation, so when it rains it should be closed with plastic or other waterproof material.


Facing usually departs from the wall no morethan 6 centimeters. For a bunch of masonry walls and use nails to 10 centimeters, or chopped or steel wire reinforcement. On a number of bricks stacked armature. For openings, you can use concrete lintel.

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