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HOW lived in Ancient Egypt

How to live in Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egypt - a civilization that is amazing even modern people.

Egyptian hieroglyphics, ancient tombs, a unique work of architecture, the Great Pyramids of Giza and more makes us think about what was the life of the ancient inhabitants of the Nile.



The climate of the northern part of Africa for a fewmillennium BC, when the ancient Egyptian civilization began to develop, almost no different from the present. Most of the year on the desert shores of the Nile reigned heatwave, so the men wore only loincloths, and women wore light, translucent dress with a long skirt, slit which reaches up to the hips. Nevertheless, it was considered impolite to leave the house without jewelry - rings on his fingers, a few rows of bracelets on their hands, beads, wigs. Despite the heat, wigs worn always and everywhere, they were used by both men and women, artificial hairstyles decorated with jewels and spices.


The morning ritual of every ancient EgyptianIt consisted of the obligatory washing in a special basin - "Schouten". Then with salt water to rinse your mouth, and then put on the wigs and jewelry. Notable Egyptians preened with the help of his servants, among whom were hairdressers, specialists incense, and even make-up artists - not only women, but men are often an occasion special eye color powders. This was done not only for beauty, a make-up to protect the eyes and eyelids in the bright sun and insect bites.


The ancient Egyptians ate quite diverse,on their desks were meat, fruit, vegetables. The inhabitants of ancient Egypt were engaged in breeding of chickens, geese and ducks, cattle kept as sacrificial animals eaten on holidays. Most of the meat was mined hunting. Fish in the diet of the ancient Egyptians were not enough, as the fishing fishing was considered very dangerous because of the large number of crocodiles in the Nile. Vegetables and fruits are necessarily present in the menu of any Egyptian, both poor and noble. Especially appreciated garlic, bananas and melons. Poor eating papyrus stalks, and the rich could afford rare peaches, cherries and pears. The most valuable food all walks of life - bread and cakes with various fillings.


The main occupation of the ancient Egyptians - agriculture,even for several millennia BC they invented the fields irrigation system, thus improving the productivity of the dry and desolate land of Egypt. The Egyptians also engaged in horticulture, grapes were grown, mined gold, stone, copper, weave, produced papyrus, pottery produced and traded with the inhabitants of the Aegean islands.

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