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Help your child plan the execution of his homework

Homework often turnsa nightmare for both parents and children. Why just not resort to force parents to make children lessons: to persuasion, entreaties, threats, and even a slap on the belt.

As a result, the job done, but mental strength on both sides by then exhausted.

How to make children learn to solve problems on their own without a declaration of hostilities?



Of course, not a separate homeworkalways under the force of the child. Therein lies its development activities: student learning organization, self-discipline, problem solving. All these qualities are useful for the child in the future. At first, they need our help, but sometimes we go too far in this desire to help. Or maybe parents just do not have perseverance.


To mark the beginning of a contribution to their homejob as an aid, but not as a full implementation. When children realize that the responsibility for them lies with them in your family will be fewer scandals, and the child will learn to cope with their own difficulties.


Often, parents are not aware of the requirements,imposed on the teacher to perform tasks. In your best interest and your child to communicate with his teacher at least once every six months. You need to pass the schedule of delivery of control, annual, verification work.


In addition, arrange for the child to his workinga place. It should be the most safe and comfortable for the child. Table and chair should be adjusted under its growth, the lamp should be on the table, all the necessary stationery. Make sure that before and after the child is doing homework tidied on the desktop.


Make a schedule for the baby of the day, including inHe needed time to practice. If a child learns in the second shift, the lessons must be made in the morning. If the first shift? or immediately after school or after dinner. In the afternoon, the child must have a rest mentally. This schedule should be in the child's mind.


Help your child to plan the order ofexercise. You should start with the easiest of tasks for children. In the middle of things have to be complicated, but in the end of the session that the child is interesting. This will keep the concentration and interest.


Your child needs to understand that the job neededperform without fail and that it should be done qualitatively. First, all jobs should be recorded in the draft. The book answers to homework assignments are recorded when done correctly. By the way, many teachers in the school require the presentation of the draft to make sure that the child understood himself decided.


Only help him when heexperiencing insurmountable difficulties. But does not solve the problem, he has to do. Simulate a similar situation, and explain how to decide on the example. Only then will you know that the child has understood the problem.


Treat strictly for duty. If you see that the job is not done, apply penalties.

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