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HOW hold chords

How to hold the chords

Guitar and piano? versatile tools that are suitable both in the performance of melodic parts, and to accompany (support) other solo instrument or voice.

The function of the accompaniment music is usually presented in the form of chords that are played in full (three-four sounds at the same time) or sequentially (arpedzhiato).

Playing a chord on the guitar strongly depends on the technique of the left hand which grips the desired chord on the fretboard.

You will need

  • Guitar-
  • The collection of chords for gitary-
  • A collection of songs.



Before doing anything with a guitar, takethe correct position. It is better to play sitting down, so take the appropriate height chair, straighten your back, put a guitar to the lower deck clung to his stomach, and the edge is between the legs. The right hand is on the shell (on the side), in the recess area, hanging freely. Left holding the neck at first fret.


Hold a chord, for example, in E Minor (Em). To do this, hold down the index finger of the left hand fourth string at the second fret (strictly in the middle of the mode), the average fifth string at the second fret. Large finger is on the back of the neck, strictly in the middle, in an upright position (not bent at the joint neither in nor out. Make sure that all the strings are clamped hard enough, all fingers are in the correct position.


Spend the fingers of his right hand all the strings at a time. Do it slowly, listening to each string. Caught and open strings should sound equally loud.


Hold a chord in E Major. To do this, change the fingering: forefinger hold the third string at the first fret, the middle fifth on the second fret, Unnamed fourth on the second fret. Make sure, as in the first case, the correct position of the fingers (they should not touch the other strings, except that which is clamped, and be strictly in the middle fret). Walk across the strings, as in the first embodiment.


Open collection of chords and disassemble simple (no barre). The graphics collection for any given string from the first to sixth modes and numbers on which the string is clamped.


Learn basic play barre chords on. To do this on any fret (preferably somewhere in the third to fifth frets), hold the string across the fretboard forefinger. Walk all the strings with your right hand, make sure that all the strings are clamped sufficiently strong and sound. Then hold down chords illustrations in the book.


Learning to take and quickly move the chords, start studying the songs.

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