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How to hold the chords


How to hold the chords</a>

Guitar and pianoforte? Universal instruments, suitable both for the performance of melody parts, and for accompaniment (accompaniment) to another solo instrument or voice.

The accompaniment function in music is usually represented in the form of chords that are played whole (three or four sounds simultaneously) or sequentially (arpeggio).

The performance of the chords on the guitar depends heavily on the technique of the left hand, which clamps the necessary chords on the fretboard.

You will need

  • Guitar-
  • Collection of chords for guitar-
  • A collection of songs.



Before you do anything with a guitar, take itCorrect position. It is better to play while sitting, so sit on a chair that is suitable for height, straighten your back, put the guitar in place so that the lower deck is pressed against your stomach, and the edge is between your legs. The right hand is on the shell (on its side), in the region of the notch, freely hanging. The left holds the bar at the level of the first frets.


Hold the first chord, for example, in E-minor (Em). To do this, hold down the fourth string on the second fret (strictly in the middle of the fret) with the index finger of the left hand, the middle fifth string on the second fret. The thumb is at the back of the neck, strictly in the middle, in the forward position (it does not bend at the joint either inward or outward.) Make sure that all the strings are clamped tightly enough, all the fingers are in the correct position.


Slide your right fingers around each string in turn. Do this slowly, listening to each string. Clamped and open strings should sound equally sonorous.


Pinch the chord in E-major. To do this, change the fingering: with the index hold the third string in the first fret, the middle fifth on the second fret, the fourth ring on the second fret. Track, as in the first case, the correct position of the fingers (they should not touch other strings, except the one clamped, and stand strictly in the middle of the fret). Go through the strings, as in the first version.


Open the collection of chords and disassemble the simplest (without barre). In the illustrations to any collection of strings from the first to the sixth and the number of frets, on which the string is clamped.


Master the game with chords on the barre. To do this, on any fret (better somewhere on the third or fifth fret), hold the strings across the fretboard with your forefinger. Walk on all the strings with your right hand, make sure that all the strings are clamped sufficiently strong and sound. Then pinch the chords in the illustrations in the collection.


Learning to take and quickly move the chords, start learning the songs.

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