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How to hint the guy that you love him


How to hint the guy that you love him</a>

It is difficult to say about one's feelings, especially if there is no certainty of reciprocity.

Surviving a refusal is very difficult, so you can not speak directly, but only hint to the guy that you love him, and then look at his reaction.



Much depends on what kind of relationship you have. If you are barely acquainted and see only a few times a week, it will be difficult for you to understand your feelings. But if you are old friends and you have feelings for him, you will be much easier to hint about it.


You know your friend perfectly, you haveIdea of ​​his interests and tastes in girls, you often talk and you can quietly bring a conversation on the topic "Imagine what ...", and then in this vein to ask an exciting question. Behave like a girl, dressing accordingly and refusing to engage in purely male pursuits. If earlier you discussed his girls, at the next story break it and say that you are uncomfortable about listening to it. For questions about the reasons, keep silent or you can honestly confess your feelings.


You can hint with gestures and glances. A long look in the eyes, laughter at all jokes, frequent smiles. In addition, you can build eyes: look at it, and when he looks back, quickly look away. Ask to help with something, for example, with a computer or teach you something that he knows how to do well. In this case, you will spend a lot of time together, and you will have the opportunity to show your sympathy. Touch it more often, hold your hand, do not move away, if it touches you.


Give a gift for the holiday. In this way, you can inform about your interest in it, but come to the choice of this subject wisely. You can give a card on February 14 in the form of a heart, and then look at his reaction. If the reaction is negative and you do not see interest or joy in his face, you can give cards to a few more young men with the phrase that this is a friendly gesture. So you can save face and find out his opinion about your feelings.


Touch it more often. Accidentally touching the hand when you pass by, if you repeat this three or four times with a small interval, soon he will understand that this is not just for fun. Embrace at a meeting or a kiss on the cheek with joy is relevant to a friend, but if the duration is longer than usual, the guy can understand the hint of sympathy.


But it is not necessary to feed illusions about the maleInsight. Usually the guys do not understand the hints, and even if some suspicions creep into their head, they might think "Yes can not be" and this will erase all your efforts. Therefore, it is better to get courage and honestly report your feelings. But be sure to do it alone.

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