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HOW highlight hair in Photoshop

How to select hair in Photoshop

Users of Photoshop often causes problemsallocation of human hair or fur of an animal when you change the background image or photo. It is not always cut a thin strand of hair gently turns, so many people want to learn how to achieve this effect of realism.

Let's look at two ways to enable this realism achieved in the case when the person photographed against a plain background, and in the case when the background is diverse.

You will need

  • - Adobe Photoshop



Select the hair in the photo with monotonous background.
The most successful solution is to beuse Photoshop Channels (Channels). First, open the photo that you want to work. Open the Channels section and in the window that appears, select one by one all the color channels? red, green and blue. Determine at which the selected color the person depicted in the photograph, is the maximum contrast with the background. The selected channel (eg, Blue Channel) to duplicate (transfer to the New Channel icon).
Advanced edit level parameters(Levels) on the new channel? increase the contrast of the picture even more to make a difference between dark and light elements of photography has become even more noticeable. If after these steps on a white background there are dark spots, lighten them manually with the Dodge tool.
Then use the Burn tool in the regime? Shadow? and Brush (brush) to darken the image to a maximum of black color, first automatically, and then refined the hand. After that invert the image (Ctrl + Shift + I)? it swaps the white and black paint.
Download selection while holding the buttonThe Ctrl, click the Channel icon, and then make all the images hidden channels visible. Copy the selection and paste it into a new layer. After that, turn off the visibility of the original image, to turn off the background. You will see that the object depicted in the photo turned out to be cut accurately and beautifully. Now you can insert the selected object and edited on any background? adjusting brightness and contrast in its sole discretion.


A more sophisticated method of allocation of hair in the photo may seem appliances work with a photo where the background is not uniform.
Since on diverse background (for example,nature), some patches of hair blend with dark objects around the image of man, the use of channels is unlikely to help. To begin with the Pen tool and cut out the figure of a man with hair using the clear smooth lines. Copy the selected area to the new layer with the Feather option at 2 pixel? This will smooth the sharp corners and rough place in the selection. Make photo background is remaining on the original layer, translucent (Opacity 50%).
In your field of vision are hardly visible partHair, remaining outside the main highlight. On this basis, start dorisovyvat hairstyle man in the photo, using the Smudge tool. Install a different line thickness, to create the illusion of volume and texture realistic hairstyles. Finish the drawing with the thinnest brush? not more than 2 pixels. After that, the photo can be safely placed on any other background, it is ready.

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