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HOW MUCH does the elephant weigh?


African elephant</a>

The African elephant is the largest animal of this species and the largest land animal on earth.

Its weight can reach 8 tons.

Female weigh from 3 to 4 tons, and the weight of an elephant at birth is 80-140 kg.

The elephant is the largest land animalon the planet. Its weight depends on its type and origin and can reach 8 tons or more. The enraged elephant is very dangerous, in anger it sweeps everything in its path. It is not uncommon for people to die under the powerful feet of elephants.
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If we compare the existing landAnimals by their strength and position, then the first place in this chain will be the elephant - the most important and strong beast of Africa. The next places will be occupied by a rhinoceros, a hippopotamus and a herd of buffaloes, and only after them the King of Beasts - a lion - will ascend to this hierarchical ladder. The rest of the animals in strength, dexterity and endurance can no longer compare with these lords of the African shroud, they easily become prey to lions who do not refuse to hunt for larger and stronger animals.
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There are three types of elephants known - Forest, IndianAnd Savannah (African). They all belong to the same family of mammals - elephants. The first species is the smallest representative of this family. Its height varies between 2.4 and 2.5 meters, and the weight rarely exceeds 2.7 tons. The Indian elephant is much more than the Forest elephant, although it is far from the African brother. In the ranking of the largest terrestrial mammals on the planet, he ranks second. The adult male has an increase of 2.5-3.5 meters, and its weight can reach 5.5 tons.
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African, or Savanna elephant in strength and powerThere is no equal, its height can reach 4 meters and yours, and the weight reaches a mark of 8 tons. Females weigh much less - 3-4 tons, a newborn baby elephant appears in the light with a weight of 80-140 kg. November 7, 1974 in Angola in the town of Mukuso was shot the largest male elephant ever recorded, he weighed 12.24 tons!
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The fourth part of the animal's weight falls on itsHead. This massive design has a special device for food intake - powerful chewing muscles, molars, trunk and tusks. An adult weighs as much as 4 rhinoceroses or 4 giraffes. On the day the animal consumes up to 350 kg of feed and drinks up to 230 liters of water. In search of food the African elephant passes a day to 12 km, taking a break for sleep and rest. Elephants travel in groups in which members of individual families are very attached to each other, although it happens, and there are skirmishes, as in any family. Fights in the herd are very rare except when males fight for a female.

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