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How heavy is an elephant

African elephant

African elephant - the biggest animal of the species and the largest land animal on earth.

Its weight can be up to 8 tons.

Females weigh from 3 to 4 tons, elephant birth weight of 80-140 kg.

The elephant is the largest land animalon the planet. The weight depends on the type and origin, and may reach 8 tons and more. Furious, the elephant is very dangerous, in anger, he sweeps away everything in its path. There are cases when a powerful elephants kicking people died.
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; If you compare the currently existing landanimals for their power and position, the first in this chain takes the elephant - the most important and powerful beast Africa. The following will take place rhinoceros, hippopotamus and buffalo herd, and only after them on the hierarchical ladder rises king of beasts - a lion. Other animals in strength, agility and endurance can no longer compete with these masters of African shroud, they easily fall prey to lions, who do not give the opportunity to hunt and to a large and powerful animals.
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; It is known about the three kinds of elephants - Forest, Indianand a shroud (Africa). They all belong to one family of mammals - elephant. The first type is the smallest representative of the family. Its height varies between 2.4-2.5 meters, and weight rarely exceeds 2.7 tonnes. Indian elephant much more Forest, although it is far African counterpart. In the ranking of the largest land mammals of the planet, he ranked second. The adult male has a height of 2.5-3.5 meters, and its weight can reach 5.5 tons.
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, African, or African bush elephant in strength and powerno equal, it can reach a height of 4 meters and yours, and the weight go up to the mark of 8 tons. Females weigh much less - 3-4 tons, a newborn baby elephant is born with a weight of 80-140 kg. November 7, 1974 in Angola in the town was shot mucusso largest male elephant ever recorded, he weighed 12.24 tons!
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; The fourth part of the animal's weight falls on himhead. This massive structure has a special device for food intake - powerful chewing muscles, molars, a trunk and tusks. The adult weighs as much as 4 or 4 rhino giraffe. On the day of the beast consumes up to 350 kg of food and drinks up to 230 liters of water. In search of food African elephant passes per day up to 12 km, making a break for rest and sleep. Elephants travel in groups, in which members of certain families are very attached to each other, although sometimes happen and clashes, as in any family. Fighting in the herd are very rare except when males fight for females.

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