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How to heat a holiday home


How to heat a holiday home</a>

Unlike happy property owners somewhere in the equator, the owners of holiday homes in Russia are facing the problem of heating their homes.

Fortunately, today there are many options for heating dachas, both traditional and fairly new.



Until now, one of the most common ways is to heat the house with a Russian stove. A well-made oven gives warmth to the whole house, creating an atmosphere of coziness and comfort.


However, the construction of the stove is a global matter. In the event that in the acquired dacha house there is no stove, it is not necessary to erect it, crushing and rebuilding almost the whole house. Russian furnaces can successfully replace stoves-fireplaces, which are in great variety presented in any specialized store. Good stove-fireplaces are extremely economical, firewood requires little to maintain the heat. In addition, most of these fireplaces provide the possibility of cooking, which will please any hostess.


If you do not want to bother with kindling andHarvesting firewood, you can use heating with electricity. The simplest and most well-known method is heating the houses with oil coolers. A powerful oil cooler can heat the room no worse than a stove. However, oil radiators use electricity very intensively. In the event that you need to heat more than one room, this method is extremely disadvantageous.


A good alternative to oil coolersIs the heating of the holiday home with the help of infrared heaters. They are new generation heaters, energy-saving and extremely effective. As a rule, ceiling infra-red heaters are used to heat country houses. Infrared rays, reflected from the floor, create the effect of "warm floors", rapidly heating the room. In addition, the cost of electricity they have several times less than the old oil coolers.


Another option for heating the country houseIs heating with the help of furnaces working on diesel fuel, kerosene, gasoline, etc. In furnaces of the new generation, the combustion coefficient is usually very high, which makes them economical and almost odorless. The advantage of this heating method is that these furnaces are heated very quickly, heating the rooms well. This option is very good when you need to quickly build a frozen house.

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