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As heat holiday home

In contrast to the happy owners of real estate somewhere near the equator, the owners of country houses in Russia are facing the problem of heating their homes.

Fortunately, there are a lot of cottages heating options, both traditional and new enough for today.



Until now one of the most common methods is using house heating furnace Russian. A well-made stove provides warmth throughout the house, creating an atmosphere of coziness and comfort.


However, the construction of the stove - it is global. In that case, if the acquired country house oven is not available, not necessarily to build it, destroying and rebuilding almost the entire house. Russian oven can successfully replace the stoves, which are presented in a wide variety in any specialty store. Good fireplace stoves are extremely economical, firewood for keeping warm requires a bit. In addition, most of these fireplaces provided the possibility of cooking that will delight any owner.


If you do not want to mess with kindling andfirewood, you can use heated by electricity. The most simple and known method is heating homes with oil radiators. Powerful oil cooler can heat the room better than the furnace. However, oil radiators are extremely intensely consume electricity. In the event that heat is needed more than one room, this method is extremely disadvantageous.


A good alternative to the oil coolerHeating is a country house with infrared heaters. This new generation of heaters, energy-saving and extremely effective. As a rule, for heating of country houses are used for ceiling infrared heaters. Infrared rays are reflected from the floor, creating the effect of "warm floor", quickly heating the room. Furthermore, power costs have at times less than that of the old oil radiators.


Another option of heating a country houseHeating is by means of furnaces operating on diesel, kerosene, gasoline, etc. The new-generation combustion furnace coefficient is generally very high, making them cost-effective and gives almost no odor. The advantage of this method of heating is that these furnaces are heated very quickly, well protaplivaya premises. This option is very good when you need to quickly to heat the frozen home.

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