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How to hang flags

How to hang flags

Flag - a symbol, flag of one or more colors. The Standard and pennants may show loyalty to the government, or belonging to a particular group and the company.

Multicolored flags are used as decoration, to create a festive mood, maintaining team spirit.

There are many types and ways to fix and hang flags.



If you want to secure the panel in the interior,Use wall flagpole. It consists of a shaft with a slot for a flag, seals and fasteners. The structure may be attached to the wall at an angle of sixty or ninety degrees. Flagstaff is fixed, as a rule, double sided tape or screws.


If you want to hang a banner outside the building,Use facade flagpoles, which come in different sizes. Best of all, if the bracket is made of metal. In front flagpole inserted from one to three arms with banners.


To place a detached flag in the streetthere are masts of different heights. Such designs in larger cities are very common. Successful companies place on their company flags, the hotel boasts a supporting state symbols of their homeland. The average size of the mast - from six to eighteen meters. To consolidate and strengthen the construction of the flagpole foundation made of metal and concrete. Mast itself may be made of aluminum or fiberglass. The flag is raised to the top of structure by tensioning cables.


If you hang the national flag, theFederal Constitutional Law of the Russian Federation "On the State Flag of the Russian Federation" set some limitations of its use. It is forbidden to place a flag distorted, change the order and width of its lanes, add any writing on the cloth. Not allowed permanent placement of the flag on the building of non-governmental level. State symbol on the mounting mast to be raised high, except for the days of mourning, when the flag lower a little half-shaft or a flag is hung a black ribbon.


To decorate the ship for special occasionsused colorization flags. They are on the halyards designed for lifting and lowering the sails. For holiday flags can be used in different colors, with the exception of state symbols, Navy, foreign, and military flags and flags of the Border Guard.


In order to take the flag in hand, you will needwooden, plastic or metal pole. On the panel you need to make a pocket for mounting a pennant on a stick. To flag does not slip from the shaft, bending diameter should be only one or two millimeters more than the diameter of the stick. Top pocket is necessary to sew. & Nbsp- & nbsp-
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