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How to make a hair "wet hair"


How to make a hairstyle wet hair</a>

Hairstyle "Wet hair" looks stylish and sexy in both long and short strands.

For all its effectiveness, it is easy to install, it can be done without much difficulty at home.

To implement your idea, you will need one of the special tools that can be purchased at a specialized store: gel, lacquer, mousse or wax.



Wash the head with a normal shampoo that does not impart a volume to the hair.


If you use a gel, apply it on slightly dried, damp hair Along their entire length. Share hair On strands and fingers, squeeze, not allowing them to stick together. You can also comb a special comb with sparse teeth. Turn the hair dryer on the weakest mode and dry it hair, Fix the hairstyle with varnish. On a short hair, apply the gel with a scallop with sparse teeth or fingers. Use a diffuser for drying.


If at your fingertips only a varnish, you will put it on still damp hair Along their entire length. Disassemble the array with your fingers on separate strands and squeeze them, giving a wavy appearance. Dry it hair A warm hairdryer.


Using mousse, distribute it to wet hair, Run your fingers to the roots and gently selectAnd form separate strands. Dry your head naturally, so that under the warm air spray of the hair dryer the curls do not swell. If you have curlers, you can wind on them smeared with mousse hair And slightly dry them with a hair dryer. Then remove the curlers and carefully divide each curl with your fingers carefully into small strands. Secure the packing with varnish.


If you use wax for styling, then pre-dial it and rub it well between the palms. Apply it on hair From the roots, dividing them into strands, and lightly dry with a hair dryer.

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