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How to cut a frame


Wooden houses from log cabins are environmentally safe and very cozy</a>

Houses of log cabins have been built for a long time, especially on our land, where there has never been any problems with forests.

To date, log buildings are the basis of most low-rise buildings.



By the design of log buildings? These are crowned on each other. Crown? This is one series of logs fastened by means of the joints perpendicular to each other. Logs can be ordinary and rounded. The advantage of rounded logs is that they are much smoother, which means that the thermal insulation in such log houses is much better. The diameter of the log should in any case be in the range of 20-25 cm. From the bottom, they are cut into 1 edging so that they lie more densely on the foundation and on each other and do not slip at the same time. The width of the edge of the logs of the lower rim should be wide? Not less than 15 cm. At the beginning of log cutting, the moisture content of logs should be at least 85%, since they are less deformed during settling. To avoid deformation cracks, logs are made with artificial cracks at the bottom of each log.


The chopping of the walls of the log house begins with an oval wreath,Which is made of thick logs, embossing the edges from the inside and from the bottom. When laying the next wreaths, the gaps between them are laid with a pile. If the frame is cut from round logs, the gaps between the crowns are no more than 2-5 mm, which makes it possible to use a roll coil. Over the future openings leave gaps of at least 10 cm with a calculation for the shrinkage of the frame.


Where there will be window and door openings,Cut through small openings immediately after laying the crowns. This is done for normal ventilation, otherwise in the process of hanging the log inside there will be mold, which will become the misfortune of future inhabitants.


From the top of the frame mount rafters with a crate, as well as a frame of pediments and cover them with temporary material? Roofing material.


Finished work on the creation of the log house, it is leftFor 1 year, for which the logs will dry up and sit down relative to each other. After this time, the seams between the logs are caulked, the logs are polished, they put a constant roof, they mount windows and doors. Sometimes the frame is not cut on the foundation, but on a special construction site. For log transport to a permanent place, each log is numbered, marking the side of the world and the number of the crown. Then the frame is dismantled and taken to the place where the foundation is already prepared for the house and is already reassembled on the spot.


Seams between logs caulk 2 times. The first time after the construction of the house. The second one and a half later.

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