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Wooden houses from log cabins are environmentally friendly and very cozy

Houses made of log cabins built long ago, especially in our land where the forest has never been a problem.

Today log cabins have become the foundation of most low-rise homes.



The design of log houses? is stacked on each other crowns. Crown? the first row of logs held together by interlocking joints perpendicular to each other. Logs may be conventional and bale. The advantage of round logs is that they are much more equal, and therefore insulation in these log cabins are much better. The diameter of the beam that is in any case should be in the range of 20-25 cm. The bottom of hewing to 1 edge that they denser lay on the foundation and on each other and thus are not pushed. The width of the edge beams of the lower crown must be wide? not less than 15 cm. At the beginning of the log cutting logs humidity should be at least 85%, at least as they are deformed in the process of settling. To avoid deformation of cracks in the logs artificial cracks do bottom of each timber.


Deck the walls of a log house begins with the accountant crown,which are made of thick logs, stesyvaya inside edges and bottom. When laying these wreaths gaps between paving tow. If the frame is chopped out of logs, the gaps between the crowns of no more than 2-5 mm, which allows the use of roll tow. Above future openings allow at least 10 cm with the expectation of shrinkage of the framework.


Where are window and door openings,cut through small openings immediately after laying wreaths. This is done for proper ventilation, otherwise the process will be left standing log inside the mold, which will be a disaster for future inhabitants.


Top log rafters with mounted lathing and frame gables and covered with their temporary material? roofing material.


After finishing work on the creation of a log house, he left1 year for which the logs are dry and sit down with each other. After this time, the seams between the logs caulk, polished timber, put a permanent roof, windows and doors are mounted. Sometimes the frame is chopped not on a foundation, and at the special site. For transportation of carcass for permanent numbered each log, noting the direction of light and crown room. Then frame dismantled and taken to the place where the foundation has been prepared under the house and is already in place again collected.


Seams between the logs caulk 2 times. For the first time after the construction of the house. Second through one and a half.

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