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How to guess the card

How to guess the card

Card tricks - not only interesting entertainment for the guests, but also the most exciting experience for a magician.

Those who watch the magical effect, as if once again become children who believe in miracles.

There are many different card tricks, but in general, there are a few basic ways to guess the card.

You will need

  • - Regular deck of 36 cards.



Shuffle the deck and give it to one of the spectators withasking you to choose any card and put it top or bottom of the deck, while in transit imperceptibly see which card is lower, and memorize it. Ask the audience several times to move the deck. Fan the cards so that they have been turned face-to you, and jacket - to the audience. Quickly view the map and find the one you initially memorized. The next after that will map the selected audience.


Put the desired map and then the bottom of the deckpass the viewer deck face down, to put forth a card was at the bottom. At the same time note that the large audience the finger is on the deck, and all the other fingers - under it. Refer to the viewer with a request to keep the card stronger and then hit the index finger on deck from top to bottom. As a result, your manipulation of the viewer from the hand of all the cards will fall, except for the bottom, which was originally put forth a.


Take the necessary focus for the card and any other 7cards and place them in 2 rows of face down, saying to himself, which of them is put forth but do not show it to the audience. Ask a spectator to touch four of the eight proposed card and then no matter if any of these cards need to quietly remove the deck are 4 cards, of which there zagadannoy. Then ask the spectator to touch another two cards and, as in previous times, clean the deck the cards, among which there zagadannoy. Proceeded to do likewise, and the remaining two cards in the deck by removing unnecessary. Thus, there remains only one of the eight cards - conceived. Ask a spectator to name the card, which he put forth and, having received an answer from him, show the rest of the map.

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