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HOW guess all the numbers in the lottery

How to guess all the numbers in the lottery

Sometimes luck - the only thing that can count.

There are a variety of strategies, estimates, etc., but most people are simply not known. So, it is hoped either luck or intuition.

In the end, not for nothing that they say that if you suffer a long time, then something happens.



We must honestly admit the fact that the lotteryRussia is not as well developed as in the West. Consequently, the really big lotteries and fair in all units. And wanting to win a lot of money even in the game - a huge amount. From this it follows that the probability of winning becomes very small. Besides, so much so that the play simply does not make sense, since more lose than to bring in a budget. It is for this reason that people and try to find, invent, learn some method that would help them get the coveted prize. But, alas, as already stated above, we can only rely on intuition and luck. Therefore it is necessary to develop the first and second draw.


Intuition. According to John Kehoe, in his monumental work, "The subconscious can do anything", the intuition - the ability to find and subconscious time to give the necessary information at the right time. And the firm belief in the truth of the solution or the answer is no. Appears vague understanding that "somewhere I heard it," or "someone told me that." At worst - "I do not know, but I think that everything has to be exactly like that."


Now take a look at the other side of intuition. Yes, it is the brain's ability. Consequently, it is also possible to train and improve. There is an unofficial version that fighters of some units of power structures make to improve intuition, so that they could save their lives in emergency situations, and to strike the enemy first. To do this (again, according to unconfirmed reports) to the fighter electrodes are connected, and there on the screen various human figures. The subject must guess where the enemy is there, and almost instantly strike. If a fighter can not guess - it affects an electric shock. It's pretty brutal training method. However, if this will really help save lives in a dangerous situation - that all means are good.


Intuition can and should develop. In this case, it is possible to permit more successful event than it could be, and the numbers themselves will emerge victorious in the head.

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