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How to guess all the numbers in the lottery


How to guess all the numbers in the lottery</a>

Sometimes luck is the only thing that can count.

There are still various strategies, calculations and so on, but most people they just do not know. So, it remains to hope either for luck or for intuition.

In the end, it's not for nothing that they say that if you suffer for a long time, then something will turn out.



We must honestly admit the fact that lotteries inRussia is not as well developed as in the West. Consequently, really large and honest lotteries are only one. And those who want to win big money in an even game - a huge amount. Proceeding from this, it follows that the probability of victory becomes very small. Moreover, so much that it simply does not make sense to play, because you lose more than you bring to your budget. It is for this reason that people are trying to find, come up, learn some method that would help them get the coveted prize. But, alas, as already mentioned above, you can only rely on intuition and luck. Therefore, you need to develop the first and attract the second.


Intuition. If you believe John Kehoe, in his fundamental work "The subconscious mind can do anything," intuition is the ability of the subconscious to find and timely provide the necessary information at the right time. And there is no firm confidence in the truth of the decision or the answer. There is a vague understanding that "somewhere I heard it," or "someone told me this." At worst - "I do not know, but it seems to me that everything should be just like this."


Now let's look at intuition from the other side. Yes, it is the ability of the brain. Therefore, it can also be trained and improved. There is an unofficial version that the fighters of some subdivisions of power structures force to improve intuition so that they could save their lives in critical situations and strike the enemy first. For this (again, according to unconfirmed reports), electrodes are connected to the fighter, and various shapes of people appear on the screen. The examinee must guess where the enemy will be, and almost instantly strike. If the fighter can not guess - it is struck by an electric shock. This is a rather cruel method of training. However, if this really helps to save life in a dangerous situation - then all means are good.


Intuition can and should develop. In this case, it is quite possible to resolve events more successfully than it could be, and the victorious figures will come up in their heads.

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