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Pen spinning - a recent craze youth consists in spinning the handle between your fingers.

This passion, develop fine motor skills and sense of balance, your fingers become thinner and more sensitive.

Special tools for spinning pens do not need: You will need only a ballpoint pen and eraser on a pencil.



Just bought a pen is not suitable forpen spinning: the end, on which the metal part of the writing, a little outweigh. To put the balance on the other end of the eraser. In general, only the Office of the items are used for pen spinning: the very pen, eraser, paper clips. Additional funds are excluded even at public events.


Pinch handle between the middle and index finger. The index raise half hanging up, to the gap between the middle and ring. Intercept a new pair of fingers, the index release. Now move the middle handle to the little finger, and again intercept.


pinky press handle on top of the ring, clamp ring and middle. By the same principle, transfer handle between the middle and index.


Repeat in the opposite direction, then on the other hand.


This basic method of rotation of the handle. Thumb in this exercise is not involved. Start the exercise at a slow pace, gradually accelerating. Try to keep the pace to the movement was smooth and uniform, otherwise the effect will be lost. The thumb should not be strained.

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