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How to thank mother


How to thank mother</a>

Not for nothing is sung in the song: "Mom is the first word. The main word in every destiny ».

Mom is the closest person who will always support and help, no matter what.

Unfortunately, people do not understand this right away.

There is no man on Earth closer than Mom. Even the fact that she only knows you for 9 months longer than everyone else, already speaks volumes.

Mom gave life, love, care. She did not sleep at night when you were sick in childhood. She was worried about you in hard times and is still proud of your achievements.

Do not offend Mom

Unfortunately, people understand their mother only inMore adult age. In childhood, usually annoying excessive care and anxiety, constant calls and questions: "Where are you? When will you be? "In youth, it seems that the mother is not able to understand the experiences because of unrequited love or some kind of failure. Offended at her encouraging: "Do not worry, everything will be fine." And only when they get to their feet, they start their own family, children, then they begin to understand how ungrateful and sometimes rude they were.

And after all to mum only it is enough to tell: "Thanks. I love you"

The main thing is attention

Do not you understand your mother right away, neverIt's too late to thank her. Mom does not need expensive gifts, the latest phone models, trips to hot countries. Although, if you can afford it - why not.

Just show a little more attention, take care of her, as she has about you once, let her feel that you truly love her.
Wake up early, cook her favorite coffee or brew a delicious tea, cook breakfast. Let it be a simple scrambled eggs and a couple of toasts - my mom will definitely appreciate your impulse.

Put the chocolate in her bag, when she reaches for the phone or wallet, she will be very pleased. You can attach a nice note with a wish for a good day or draw a smiley face right on the wrapper.

Meet your mother after work, give a flower or just help with a bag and bags from the store. Take a stroll on the way home, wondering how her day went.

And at the weekend, arrange a family vacation -Go to the city for skiing, in summer you can have a picnic in the fresh air, launch a kite, back in childhood. Go as a family in a cafe or cinema.

The best gift - made by own hands

Make surprises without any reason. Bring a bouquet of wildflowers after relaxing outside the city with friends. Buy a beautiful neck scarf while shopping. Even a simple cleaning of the house to the arrival of my mother will please her and free an evening or even a day off.

Do not know how to please for a birthday orJust in gray everyday life? Bake something yourself. Make a photobook or collage in the frame of your children's photos, which are present and parents. And then arrange an evening of memories.

And do not be stingy once again to say that you love her. Just three words, but they will not be replaced by any of your gifts.

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