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HOW stages pencil to draw a kitten

Painted pencil kitten

To draw a kitten, you must first draw the scheme, which will be the main parts of his body.

As soon as it will find all the necessary forms and strokes, you will only have to draw the details of the muzzle, paws and furry portrait bully ready.

Paint a kitten is not as difficult as it seems at first glance. It will be nice to see the result of their work, which can be embedded in a frame and hang on the wall or put on the table.

Where to begin

First, you must think that it will do chetverolapy on canvas. He can sit, play or lie down on the back, raising his paws up. It was the last kitten will be discussed further.
First, using a simple pencil is necessarydenote the contours of the animal. Left on a sheet of paper, draw a circle, it will be the head of the baby. Next is drawn horizontal line. It was then on it will be located body.
As the two slightly elevated branches that come outfrom the trunk and the two upper legs are drawn from the base body. These are two semi-circular line. At the end of each draw on a small circle - the future fingertips.
Lower tabs are indicated at the bottom of the body of the schematic. They must have a size less than the upper.

Driving takes on volume

Now, according to the planned scheme, you need to createvolume figure. Where the kitten's head was displayed at the top, draw a triangular ears and keep a smooth line on. Let it be half a centimeter longer than the circuit's head.
Then smooth the line moves to a small but wide neck lying animal. Outline legs, tummy on the outer contour of the body to obtain the volume drawn kitten.
Now eraser to erase the originalscheme and you can begin to detail. First, at the top of the muzzle round draw eyes with pupils. Spout make a triangle. He will be in the middle of a furry face. From it comes the center a small straight line. It rests on the semi-circular mouth kitten.
At the end of the legs draw on the 5 fingers on each - claw - one slightly above the other. Next, you need to give the image of "fluffy".

Finishing touches

Now it is possible to take one or more colorpencils and make the skin of fluffy kitten - striped, variegated or monochrome. If you want a classic image, apply strokes with a simple pencil. Figure prepared. If you wish, you can draw the ball around the main character, toys for him. If the nature of the draw, the baby will lie on the grass and look at the flowers and the blue sky.
If you want to quickly portray an adult cat, thedraw a circle - it will be a head and two triangular ear. From the bottom of the head goes slightly curved oval, which are longer than the diameter of the circle is 2 times - this body. You're at the bottom of the oval to draw a rounded tail, and a portrait of a kitten sitting with his back to the viewer is ready.

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