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How to login to system recovery


How to login to system recovery</a>

Restoring the system from the last control point of preservation becomes necessary mainly in the event that there are disruptions in the operation of the software.

The restoration function itself means a returnThe state of the parameters and settings of the operating system and other programs at the time of creation of the last control point, which can either be created automatically or manually.



Open the Start menu. Through it, find the list of standard programs, it contains the sub-item "Service". It is there that the utility is used for recovery purposes Systems. There you can also create a control point in this program.


Click "Next". You will be prompted to select a restore point Systems. If earlier such points were createdRepeatedly, then you will be available and the previous state in addition to the last saved. On the left you will see a calendar, and on the right a table explaining the nature of the circumstances under which the recovery point was created.


Note that often the majority ofThey are made by the system automatically, for example, when installing certain programs. This is convenient, given that many of them can adversely affect the work of the whole Systems, So you can remove unnecessary software and the consequences of its use through a single recovery procedure.


Click "Next". You will see a warning window, carefully read its contents. At this point, you must have saved all the documents that you worked with, because when you perform the restore procedure, the system will reboot automatically, without letting you apply unsaved changes.


Please note that this may remove allPrograms that you installed in the time interval between the checkpoint and the present moment. Save a copy of the desired data of these programs, so that later there are no problems with their recovery.


After performing the restore operation Systems And turning on the computer, check if there are any qualitative changes in the work, whether the problem has resolved. If not, try to select another recovery point Systems, It is possible that the changes occurred much earlier and were simply not noticeable until recently.

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