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How to glue plastic corners


How to glue plastic corners</a>

Plastic corners - a kind of finishing materials,Made of polyvinyl chloride with the addition of special stabilizers, which makes them resistant to temperature changes, sunlight, moisture.

You will need

  • Corner, glue, stool



If you are going to use plastic cornersIn the decoration of the room, immediately count how many of these items you need, consider the color you want. For the design of the arch, special arched corners are produced, in which one side is wider than the other.


For gluing corners, buy a special universal glue Moment or "liquid nails". Be sure to read the instructions on the package.


Manufacture or purchase in the store the so-called chair - a metal corner with high sides and cross-sections. Wort is used for smooth trimming of corners along the length.


Measure the desired length of the corner, put it inWort, with a wide hacksaw for metal cut off the unnecessary part. Apply a three-dimensional strip of glue to the center of the opposite sides of the corner, apply it by pressing to distribute the glue evenly. To make the corner stick more qualitatively, again remove it from the wall, wait 1-2 minutes and again put it in place, lightly pressing.


The joints of the plastic corner should be made in unobtrusive places on an even section. For perfect docking, two lengths of the corner must be cut in the wort at the same time, putting them on top of each other.


Small smooth roundings can be finished with a plastic corner, heating it with a hair dryer beforehand, or holding it in hot water. Sharp turns are cut off by separate pieces of a corner.
If the glue comes out at the edges of the corner, immediately wash it with white spirit, roll it off a few minutes later from the wall or cut it off neatly with a knife.

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