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HOW glue paper wallpaper


Although today there is a huge variety ofwallpaper made from many different materials, paper wallpaper is still quite popular. They look attractive, well-breathable, and, importantly, are inexpensive.

In addition to paste over the room pretty simple paper wallpaper.

You will need

  • - wallpaper
  • - glue
  • - bucket
  • - Brush for applying the adhesive
  • - Folding rule
  • - The level or plumb
  • - scissors
  • - putty knife
  • - Roller or a clean cloth



Prepare the surface by pasting paperwallpaper. To do this, remove from the walls of old wallpaper, paint or whitewash. Old paper wallpaper easy to remove with a spatula after wetting the walls of the hot water. Whitewashing can be simply washed off. And oil or enamel paint can be sanded. If after removing the old coating on the wall were cracked, they should be plastered. It is also desirable to make wall primer. Glue paper wallpaper is quite acceptable to the surface otgruntovannuyu liquid wallpaper paste. Special primer mixture is optional.


Measure a piece of wallpaper. If the walls in the room are not particularly smooth, the first sheet of wallpaper is measured with a plumb or level. The following pieces of wallpaper vymeryat on the front page.
Keep in mind that the wallpaper with paper backing afterdrying glue can? get ?, so it is best to measure the web with a margin of a few centimeters on the top and bottom. If after drying will be something extra, you can cut the paper wallpaper office knife.


Apply the cut strip of wallpaper glue onfrom the middle to the edges of the strip. For gluing paper wallpaper fit most common wallpaper paste in powder form, which is reconstituted with water. After applying glue on a piece of paper wallpaper blade to fold in half and wait. The exact time specified by the manufacturer on the packaging glue (about 3-5 minutes), during which time paper wallpaper time to swell and stretch a bit.


To the seams between the strips of wallpaper were lessvisible, better stick wallpaper on paper joint to joint. Gently Apply a strip impregnated with adhesive on the surface of the wall, immediately smoothing their roller or a clean cloth. If it comes a little too much glue, it should be wiped gently from under the sheets of wallpaper.
Sticker paper wallpaper in the corners shouldproduced two paintings wallpaper covering one another overlap by 1 cm. The whole canvas is highly undesirable to use? it is likely that the wallpaper in the corner will come off the wall.

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