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How to glue a paper wallpaper


Wallpaper gluing</a>

Although today there is a huge varietyWallpaper made of a variety of materials, paper wallpaper is still quite popular. They look attractive, pass air well and, importantly, are inexpensive.

In addition, it is quite easy to glue the room with paper wallpaper.

You will need

  • - wallpapers
  • - glue
  • - bucket
  • - brush for applying glue
  • - folding meter
  • - Level or plummet
  • - scissors
  • - putty knife
  • - roller or clean rag



Prepare a surface for pasting paperWallpaper. To do this, you need to remove old wallpaper, whitewash or paint from the walls. Old paper wallpaper can be easily removed with a spatula after wetting the walls with hot water. You can simply rinse off the whitewash. And oil or enamel paint can be sanded with sandpaper. If after the removal of the old coating on the wall there are cracks, they should be plastered. It is also desirable to make a wall primer. Sticky paper wallpaper is completely acceptable on the surface, primed with liquid wallpaper glue. Use a special primer mixture optional.


Measure out a piece of wallpaper. If the walls in the room are not particularly level, the first sheet of wallpaper is measured with a plumb or level. Follow the pieces of wallpaper to measure on the front page.
Keep in mind that wallpaper on paper basis afterDrying glue can? Sit ?, so it is better to measure the canvas with a margin of several cm above and below. If after drying something remains superfluous, it will be possible to cut paper wallpaper with a stationery knife.


Apply on a cut strip of wallpaper glue toDirection from the middle of the strip to the edges. To glue the paper wallpaper, the most common wallpaper paste in the form of a powder, which is bred in water, will do. After applying the glue on a piece of paper wallpaper, the canvas should be folded in half and wait a bit. The exact time is indicated by the glue manufacturer on the packaging (about 3-5 minutes), during this time the paper wallpapers have time to swell and stretch slightly.


To ensure that the seams between the stripes of the wallpaper are lessIt is better to paste wallpaper on a paper-based joint in the joint. Carefully apply glue-impregnated strips to the surface of the wall, immediately smoothing them with a roller or a clean cloth. If a little extra glue comes out from under the wallpaper sheets, it should be wiped gently.
A sticker of paper wallpaper in the corners shouldProduced by two canvases of wallpaper, overlapping each other by an overlap of 1 cm. The whole canvas is extremely undesirable? The likelihood is that the wallpaper in the corner will depart from the wall.

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