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How to glue stickers on nails


How to glue stickers on nails</a>

If you like creative manicure, but you are afraid,That you can not draw a beautiful pattern or even make up your nails, use ready-made stickers. On sale there are films that completely cover the plates, as well as small motifs that are glued on top of the lacquer.

Learn how to properly choose and strengthen them - stickers significantly diversify and speed up manicure.

Mini stickers for decor

On sale you can find two types of stickers. The first serve for decoration and are attached over the applied varnish coating. Usually, these are motifs of small size, they are decorated with all the nails or only a few fingers. Stickers can take the form of geometric shapes, animals, butterflies, flowers, monograms. A very interesting option - stickers, imitating the French manicure. It is most convenient to use accessories made of silicone - they fit tightly to the nail, they do not stick, they hold securely.
Stick these stickers easily. Do a manicure, cover the nails with a colored varnish. On the dried lacquer, attach the selected motifs, freed from the protective film, and press them with a wooden stick. Allow the varnish to dry, then cover the nails with a thick layer of glossy quick-drying top. He will fix the stickers, will give the manicure smoothness and shine.

Do not save time on manicure. Stickers attract increased attention to the hands, and all the defects will catch your eye.

Film manicure

More recently, another option came into fashionStickers. This is a thin film that completely covers the nails, replacing the usual lacquer. Pros of such a coating in the speed of execution, neat appearance of the nails. In addition, only this way you can make a fashionable manicure with the effect of foil or decorate your nails with complex small patterns. Stickers are sold ready-made sets, so that in the store you will be able to choose the right color, texture and pattern.

If you can not handle the stickers yourself, do a test manicure in the salon. In the future, it will be easier for you to repeat it.

To make the nails look perfect, it's importantAttach stickers. Try them on by choosing the options that fit the size of your nails. Too long or wide can be slightly pruned. It is important that the labels correspond to the width of the nail, the length can be removed later.
Do a manicure by removing the cuticle and polishingPlate special bar. Ribbed nails will be difficult to glue the film, besides, it can quickly peel off. Degrease the plates with a special cleaner or liquid to remove varnish. Remove the protective paper from one sticker and attach the film with the adhesive side to the nail. Hold it tightly so that the glue clicks into place. Fine folds smooth out with a wooden or plastic stick. Do not use metal tools, they can tear the film.
After confirming that the film is stuck, proceed to theThe design of the next nail. Do not rush - the error of such a manicure will be very noticeable. When finished, nail the nails, removing excess film. It is convenient to make a ceramic or glass file with a moderately large grain. Correctly made manicure will last several days.

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