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How to glue the bumper

What troubles not only await the drivers while driving on the roads.

According to statistics, most accidents happen during traffic congestion on city streets.

The most common accident in such conditions is a collision of vehicles, which often leads to damage to the bumpers on cars.

You will need

  • - epoxy adhesive



Due to the fact that in the production of modern bumper widely used polymer materials, in the event of an accident there is a question about the possibility of the repair of plastic body parts.


For repair bumperMade of plastic, is usedepoxy adhesive. Therefore, in preparation for the upcoming bumper repair must be purchased in the auto shop repair kit epoxy. The package includes a repair kit and fiberglass.


Epoxy adhesives - two-component. It consists of a hardener, which is necessary before application thoroughly mixed in a certain ratio (see the instructions on the package). Ready to use adhesive impregnated fiberglass cloth, which is glued to the inside of the bumper damaged areas.


In cases when it is necessary to enhance the bonding parts, the inner surface of the bumper is pasted metal mesh which is covered on top with epoxy impregnated fiberglass.


Drying and more precisely, the epoxy polymerizationadhesive occurs within days. After this period, a final treatment of the bonding surfaces: sanding, painting, polishing.

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