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How to glue a bumper


How to glue a bumper</a>

What kind of trouble do not lie in wait for drivers while driving on roads.

As statistics show, most emergencies occur during traffic jams on city streets.

The most common accidents in such conditions are collisions of cars, which often leads to damage to bumpers on cars.

You will need

  • - epoxy adhesive



In connection with the fact that in the manufacture of modern Bumpers Polymeric materials are widely used, in the case of accidents, the question arises of the possibility of repairing plastic body parts.


For repair Bumpers, Made of plastic, is appliedepoxy adhesive. Therefore, in preparation for the upcoming repair of the bumper, you need to purchase an epoxy-based repair kit from the car dealer. The repair kit includes a fiberglass cloth.


Epoxy adhesive is a two-component adhesive. It contains a hardener, which must be thoroughly mixed before use in a certain proportion (see the instructions on the packaging). Ready-to-use glue impregnated fiberglass, which is glued from the inside to the damaged sections of the bumper.


In those cases where it is necessary to strengthen the parts to be glued, a metal mesh is glued to the inner surface of the bumper, which is covered with glass cloth impregnated with epoxy glue.


Drying, or rather, polymerization of epoxyGlue occurs within a day. After the specified period, the final treatment of the surfaces to be bonded is carried out: grinding, painting, polishing.

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