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How to paste glass


Soil is necessary so that the sealant does not break down</a>

The need to paste a car glass canArise unexpectedly. Situations in which the glass is cracked or broken, a lot of traffic arises on the road, and it is not always possible to turn to a car repair shop.

Try to paste the glass yourself.

But it must be done very carefully.

You will need

  • New glass for the car
  • Molding, if you paste a windshield
  • Sliding stand
  • Activator? It is applied to the remaining old sealant
  • Sealant
  • Pneumatic gun
  • Knife
  • Primer for sealant
  • Degreasing composition
  • Scotch
  • Marker
  • Cotton swab on stick



Cut out the old glass. Remove excess sealant. Prepare a place for a new glass.


Put on the molding, if necessary. Try on the glass. If your car does not have special stops and guides, mark with the marker those places on the glass and on the body that must match. Place the glass on the sliding stand with the outer side facing down.


Wipe the insertion points with a degreasing compound.


Apply soil to the car body. This is done with a cotton swab. The primer is applied with a wide strip. Places where there was an old sealant, do not priming. Apply the primer also to the glass in places where it will contact the sealant. Place where the old soil is left, treat the activator.


Slightly heat sealant and cut off the tipA balloon if it is not cut. Insert the cylinder into the pneumatic gun. Apply the sealant evenly to the body. Attach the glass so that the marks that you have applied are aligned. Carefully smooth the glass, gently placing it in the desired position. Fix the glass with adhesive tape.


Leave the machine alone until the sealant hardens.

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