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How to give flowers according to etiquette


How to give flowers according to etiquette</a>

Flowers are one of the most popular gifts all over the world. They are presented with and without, throw actresses at the feet, hand over to the happy brides, put them in a sad silence at the foot of the monuments.

They can express gratitude, regret, rapture and respect.

There is nothing more universal and as meaningful as a bouquet.

Of course, since the time when each flower had its own meaning, much has changed, but still some rules of "flower" etiquette are relevant to this day.

How to choose the right flowers

Once in the language of flowers one could lead wholeDialogues - quarrel, admit to love, forgive and even threaten. In the modern world, from this "ABC of passion" there are only the most general outlines. Thus, behind the scarlet, lush roses, the title of the symbol of passion was firmly entrenched, and for fragrant white lilies - innocence. The brighter the color of the flowers, the more magnificent they are, the more weighty the occasion should be for them to be presented. The exception is the wedding and the birth of a child - it is customary to bring flowers of gentle shades on these holidays, with a delicate aroma and on a low stalk.

Men are given flowers high, with largeInflorescences, such as roses, callas, lilies, orchids, gladioluses and irises. Primroses and field flowers are an intimate gift, for their own, as well as quite low bouquets of pansies, daisies, violets, asters. Flowers in pots also save for friends and close relatives. If you want a bouquet as far as possible to please the one to whom you give it and at the same time required minimal care - give baskets in which the flowers are placed in special moss.

When choosing flowers for a date, consider whereYou are going to go with your lover. If you are going to spend time in a home environment, then a large bouquet will be appropriate, but to walk around the city, sit in a theater, have dinner in a restaurant with such a gift is extremely inconvenient. In such cases, small, compact sockets are more appropriate.

How many colors should be in the bouquet

Known to many rule, that in a bouquet shouldTo be an even number of colors - a surprise - is not the rule. The desire to give three, five, seven, and so on of flowers in a bouquet is connected more likely with superstition, common only in European countries, superstition dictates to avoid the number thirteen, although it is odd.

On etiquette adhere to an odd numberFlowers is only if they are less than twelve, dozens. The reverse is true, for funeral you can send a bouquet either from an even number of colors, or any, if more than a dozen colors. Etiquette dictates to give one flower only to the closest and intimate acquaintance, no matter how exotic and luxurious this gift is.

Whether to give flowers to a man

For some reason, there is an opinion that giving men,If they are not actors, flowers are not accepted. This is not true. Etiquette simply more strictly regulates the reasons for which you can bestow a bouquet of a stronger sex. On the anniversary, in honor of any significant personal achievement, such as receiving a prize, an award, the publication of a book, a film or a performance, a public performance, it would be appropriate to hand a bouquet to a man.

It should be flowers saturated, nobleShades, on high legs. Recently, it has become fashionable to give men sunflowers or yellow chrysanthemums. These flowers meet all the requirements of etiquette, and besides, they have a color that is now associated not with treachery and rupture, but with well-being, luck, wealth.

How to give flowers

The fact that flowers are presented without packaging is consideredWell-known. Only this etiquette rule was introduced long before various bright and convenient packing materials were decorated, decorated with ribbons, bows, and bright prints. If the bouquet is packed with a florist, you should leave all the "decorations", if you just put it in a convenient package, even with a bright border or a mirror effect, such polyethylene should be removed.

If you give flowers to public or creativeTo the figure - bouquets are presented after the speech, the meeting. To throw flowers on the stage is a bad tone. Innovation, firmly embedded in modern etiquette, "flower" requests, which should be observed. So, the bride and groom, inviting to the wedding, can make a note about the "color" of the wedding. It is accepted not only to select toilets, following the specified scale, but also to bring bouquets, sustained in the same tones.

Flowers are inappropriate in maternity homes and, no matter howStrange, at the funeral. It is better to send birth-giving flowers to the home, and some relatives of the deceased sometimes ask flowers instead of flowers to transfer money to certain charitable funds.

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