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How to shape yourself in summer


How to shape yourself in summer</a>

In the spring, women begin to actively prepare for the beach season. Be slim, smart and beautiful - that's what girls want.

After a cold and gray winter, I want to change the image, that is, add bright colors to the exterior.

But to look stunning, you need to get yourself in shape.



Pay attention to your figure. Have you noticed any extra pounds? Or the skin became flabby? Forward to fitness! Of course, you can do physical exercises at home, but it's better if the program of lessons is picked up by a professional in this matter. In addition, you can be lazy at home, and when attending a sports club, you will be under the gaze of the instructor. Not enough time or money for a sports club? Purchase videos or a bicycle and ride as often as possible.


Cold and long winter can adversely affectOn the condition of your skin. Therefore, you must put it in order. To do this, review your diet. It must be balanced. Eat often, but not in large portions. The mistake of some women is a strict diet. Use them in no case it is impossible, because you will harm your body. Drink more liquid, since water removes toxins from the body. Eat more plant foods (vegetables, fruits, berries). Also, start using complex vitamins.


Review the skin care products. You need to buy cleaning, moisturizing and protecting agents. If in the winter you had to save the skin from the cold, then in the summer it will have to protect it from sunlight. To do this, select a special cream.


To bring the skin back to normal, andAlso burn a few pounds, you can enroll in a course of massage. It is better to contact a specialist, as he will be able to identify problem areas of the body and bring them back to normal (of course, if you follow other recommendations).


Walk as much as possible outdoors. Lead a healthy lifestyle, visit the pool or sign up for aqua aerobics. Try to do exercises every morning, so you will not only keep the figure in the norm, but also give yourself cheerfulness.

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