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How to get in shape for the summer

In the spring of women are beginning to prepare for beach season. Being slim, trim and beautiful - that's what the girls seek.

After the cold and gray of winter want to change the image, that is, add to the exterior bright colors.

But in order to look stunning, you need to get in shape.



Pay attention to your figure. Have you noticed extra weight? Or skin became flabby? Next to the bar! Of course, you can exercise at home, but it is better if the training program you will select a professional in this business. Besides the house you can attack laziness and visiting sports club, you will be under the gaze of an instructor. There is not enough time or money to a sports club? Get rollers or bicycle and ride as often as possible.


Cold and long winter may affecton the condition of your skin. So you have to put in order and her. To do this, revise your diet. It must be balanced. Eat often, but not large portions. Error some women - rigid diet. Use them in any case can not, because you will harm your body. Drink plenty of fluids, as water removes from the body toxins. Eat more plant foods (vegetables, fruits, berries). Also, start applying complex vitamins.


Review the skin care products. You must purchase a cleansing, moisturizing and protecting agents. If the winter you have to save your skin from the cold, the summer will have to protect her from the sun. To do this, choose a special cream.


In order to bring the skin back to normal, andalso burn a few kilos, you can enroll in a course of massage. It is best to consult a specialist, because he will be able to identify problem areas of the body, and bring them back to normal (of course, if you follow other recommendations).


As often as possible walk in the fresh air. Maintain a healthy lifestyle, visit the swimming pool or make an akvaerobika. Try to do exercises every morning, so you'll not only keep the figure is normal, but will attach themselves courage.

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