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HOW soybean sprout

As soybean sprout

Three thousand years ago, about soy as a food product, not hear nobody, not even the Chinese.

Nevertheless, they have introduced the use of soybeans as a substitute for the most accessible animal meat.

After all, in soy protein and more calcium than in natural meat and milk.

Low carbohydrate content makes it one of the following diets.



However, soybeans are hard to digest for a stomacha whole. In addition, the specific taste of soybeans. And they cooked tough enough. Therefore, most often in the food consumed sprouts or sprouted soybeans. Can buy soybeans in the store, but the sprout of her home will be much cheaper and healthier.


Thoroughly rinse and soak requiredon soybeans number 6 hours cold water. Take a clay or ceramic pot with a hole in the bottom. You can use ceramic pots. Spread the bottom of a piece of cloth or absorbent paper.


Place the soaked soybeans inside the container, cover it from the sunlight with a cloth or absorbent paper.


Pour soybeans 2-3 times per day. In winter, do it with lukewarm water. Keep in a warm place.


Upon reaching the shoots length of 4-5 cm, separate them from the cotyledons and use in food. Sprouting soya summer lasts about 3 days in the winter for about 2 weeks.


Upon germination of soybean protein soybean splits and forms readily assimilable substances.


Soy sprouts taste good, they can fry, boil, use in salads raw. Before use, should pour soy sprouts with boiling water.

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