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HOW germinate date

How to germinate date

African palm tree - a great decoration at home, office, shopping halls, greenhouses and water parks.

It is unpretentious, does not require daily attention and care. At the same time it is easy to grow from seeds, curiously watching the seedlings and the further growth of trees.

There are certain rules as to germinate date so that it grew out of a beautiful and healthy tree spreading.



Prepare the soil. It should be loose and nutritious. To avoid mistakes in the composition (how much any mix of components) is preferable to buy ready-made land for palm trees in a specialty store. Before planting the bone, it is necessary to moisten the soil and gently warmed in a water bath to 25-28 ° C.


Take a date-bone, and laid it inutensils with hot water (not boiling!), leave for a day. So it will germinate faster. If you want more speed up germination, slightly scratched or file off the bone without damaging the seed, which is inside. Bone from tamarind fresh crop will sprout in about a month, and last year - 2, or even 3 months later.


Fill the prepared ground heatedsmall pot (can cup of yogurt), which is arranged at the bottom of the drainage, and plant date-treated bone vertically to a depth of about 1-1.5 cm. Cover with foil and place on a window sill, preferably on the east or south side.


Water the planting day. Make sure that water does not stagnate in the pot, and its surplus freely out into the tray, remove it from time. Everyday watering stick until the appearance of the germ.


Transplant palm tree in a pot bo?ng bigger size should be, when it will be equal to the height of 10-15 cm. Do not bury the plant too much. The main thing for the transplant - not damage the roots, otherwise you can nullify all the previous steps.

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