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How to decorate rooms in a country house


Wardrobe room of a country house</a>

A country house is a unique opportunity for creators of decorators and designers.

And this is quite understandable, because it has large spacious rooms, in which there is, where the fantasy will unfold.

The presence of spacious rooms allows you to use the maximum opportunities in the planning of space, its decoration, decoration and furnishing.

In a suburban home, homeowners can implement fantastic ideas that can not really be realized in a city apartment.
In such a house, in addition to the main premises, there can be a private office and a huge hall, a winter garden and a billiard room.

Choice of style of premises

Before proceeding with the arrangement of such an object, it is first of all necessary to determine the style in which the interior of the dwelling is made.
In this issue everything will depend entirely on theTaste of the owner. Although we should not forget that such structures are erected for a long period of operation. That is why it is important when choosing, for example, a trendy interior to think about whether it will be relevant after a certain period of time.
By equipping the main premises, for example,Spacious bedroom of a country house, you should think over all the nuances that will make the best use of space. In this room you can afford to arrange a dressing room, which is the dream of most women. Although you can take under it and a separate room. Now, manufacturers offer a variety of options for the design of wardrobe rooms, becoming comfortable and ergonomic rooms, as well as harmonizing with different style interior solutions.
As for the office - it is a special situation, which requires strict details and forms.

Massive leather armchairs and sofas, desks - everything should be made of valuable wood.

Laconic furniture, a library, respectable textures of used finishing materials - all this is intended to emphasize the status of the owner of real estate.

Room decoration

As for the elements of decoration and finishing the surfaces of the floor, walls, ceiling, windows in the rooms, their large space makes it possible to create exclusive solutions.
For example, in a spacious living room or hall, you canMake an original panel of marble or porcelain stoneware. A large area of ​​walls of bathrooms allows them to build a mosaic, whole pictures and smalt on them.
By equipping your spacious home, you should choose only what you really like. Do not be afraid of experiments, because a country house should be cozy and comfortable.

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